Five Things In Ray's Apartment That He Told Fraser Stories About (even if they weren't all 100% true)

Written for Shihadchick.

1) Stella had bought the flowery glasses two years into their marriage. They sit in the back of the cupboard because Ray doesn't like being reminded of her, but can't really get rid of them altogether. Which isn't true, because he was the one who bought them because they were bright, and he'd always liked bright glasses, and Stella had been the one to banish them to the back of the cupboard.

2) Ray tells Fraser that the bed can hold up three people fucking and not make a sound. That one is true.

3) Stella had given him the biography of Muhammad Ali for his 30th birthday. He's watched it at least once a month since then, whenever he starts losing perspective and things start looking real bad.

4) The "Luck of the Irish" thing in his bedroom was given to him by his buddy Lou who owns a pub on the South Side. He calls Ray 'Lucky Sunshine' because he's the mouthiest bastard Lou knows and how he's still alive, Lou can't account for. Lou's known him since Ray was seventeen.

5) He's always had that hat stand, Fraser had just never noticed it before, and of course he hadn't gotten it just for Fraser's Stetson, who the hell does Fraser think Ray is, Frannie? (Except he actually got it last week at a junk yard, stripped it, polished it, and put it in the corner of the hallway, right next to Dief's emergency water bowl.)

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