Fraser and Ray Discover Bengay

Written for Rhythmsextion, with this icon as a prompt. Let us have a moment of silence for the best icon in the world.

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They were fully clothed, because it was fucking freezing, ok? It was 10,000 degrees below anything, and Ray couldn't feel his face, and his ears were close to falling off. Fraser was doing better, because he was Fraser, and he was the Mountie of the North, and he was basically super-human, and Ray was ok with that, he was totally ok with that, because in their desperation and overwhelming need to finally fuck, like now, please, can we, Fraser made another one of his super-human efforts to help out the needy, and not only put up the tent in record speed and maneuvered them so they wouldn't have to undress only apart from two important extremetities, but he also found something creamy to make it easier on Ray's numb ass. Ray could hear him fumbling behind, breathing hard, and wet his lips.

"Come on, come on, come on... Fraser!"

"Yes, Ray, I am aware of the situation, and believe me, I would like to get started as soon as possible, as well, but the current conditions are making it diffi - ah. Here we are." Ray heard something a tube popping open. "All right, Ray. Are you - uhm - ready?"

Ray grunted. Then he grunted again as freezing fingers began sliding inside him, warming as they moved further in. Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck, they were INSANE, they were totally and utterly INSANE, and FUCK, that felt so good, and whatever the hell it was that Fraser had found was sure working good, because Ray was starting to relax and his muscles began adjusting really well to the pressure, and oh yeah, yeah that was good, and now all he need was - oh yeah, there was Fraser now, replacing the fingers with his dick, and -

Ray grunted again and heard Fraser moan, real low. Oh, this was fucking great, this was fantastic, finally, they were getting somewhere, and Fraser began moving inside him, slowly at first, then building speed, until they were making like wolves right there, in the middle of fucking nowhere, and it was unbelievable, so good, Ray felt like yelling. And then he was coming, and actually yelling, and feeling Fraser coming too, and oh LORD, they were fucking loud, and what the hell had that stuff been, anyway? Ray had never felt more relaxed - or tingly - in his entire life, inside and out.

"Hmmm." Only Fraser could sound so damn thoughtful with his dick still up Ray's ass, two seconds after coming. Ray grunted in question form. "Well, I just never realized how remarkably well this could work. I have to say, it was a lucky guess on my part."

"What the hell was it?"

"Ultra Strength Bengay cream, actually."

That had to be the worst fucking pun in the history of puns.

"You're fucking kidding me."

"Oh, I never kid about lubrication, Ray."

Ray sagged down. His ass was becoming sore now.

"Should we get going, now?" Fraser asked from behind him. "There's still a lot of ground to cover."

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