Written for Soupytwist, with this icon as a prompt.

Yeah, Ray was never going to figure Fraser out completely, but he couldn't deny the two of them had their moments. Like, just now, they had had a moment. A big moment, actually, a fucking great moment. Communication - set 'em up, knock 'em down, and boom, boom, boom - the bad guys put away, the main bad guy in a fishing net hanging out in the air, while Fraser read him his rights, and Ray tucked away the gun. That was the rush, that was what had been missing from their lives lately.

Yeah. Fraser was a total freak. Ray only had to think about the way they had set 'em up and knocked 'em down, but you couldn't argue with results, and Fraser - Fraser brought the results. Ray certainly did his share, too. Yeah, ok, so he didn't always want to go along with it, and he'd argue with Fraser till the fucking caribou stampeded home, but it was the rush that made it worth it, and they were great together, dammit.

Suddenly, their mutual transfer offers came back to him. No way. No way was he giving this up. His own life, his own name - what was so good about that? It was boring, it was sad and it was fucking lonely, and here, sure, Fraser drove him crazy, and Ray was never going to understand him, no matter what, because Fraser's brain was wired so different from his, but this was it. This was what he wanted. They were great together. They couldn't stop now.

He had to admit it, really. He did sort of love the stupid freak.

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