Written for Oxoniensis's Porn Battle of 2006.

ďRay,Ē Fraser breathes out, his air mixing with Rayís, soft and hot against his lips and Ray answers by sliding their mouths together again as Fraser rolls them over. Rayís on top of him, the jut of his hips sliding to fit against Fraserís Ė heís bonier, Fraserís got the padding, and they fit so well for two people with the same equipment. Fraserís thigh spreads Rayís legs and they tangle again and again, with no sense or order or even any particular destination in mind. Theyíre just rolling around the bed like a couple of teenagers, high on heat and sweat and a good helping of lust, too, if Fraserís blown pupils are anything to go by, or Rayís own frantic heartbeat.

But, eventually, Ray wants to get to new and exciting places, so he revs it up, groping for Fraserís wrists and pinning them above his head. Fraserís moan is stuttered, like he hadnít expected to make a sound, and Ray knows heís headed in the right direction. Gives him a grin, then slips him some tongue, still holding him in place. Fraser thrusts against him and the friction feels damn good, the low buzz in Rayís stomach fluttering out, growing, and he knows that he wonít stop now, and heís found their destination, so he takes the direction south. He licks his way out of Fraserís mouth, slides his lips against the hollow of Fraserís neck. Fraserís chest is spotted red, flushed all over, and Ray follows the spots with his tongue, touching the blurred edges, rubbing his cheek on the smooth skin. Fraserís gasping, not even trying to be quiet anymore, and Ray knows heíll stay, so he slowly lets go. His hands help him with the steering Ė they slide against Fraserís body as Ray uses his mouth to hold him in place. Fraserís skin is vast, like an endless road for Ray to take Ė and so he does. His skin glides against Fraserís and heís going down, and down, until Fraserís smooth belly rubs against his chest, then chin, and he noses it, kisses it, half-lost with it, and Fraser barely moves a muscle voluntarily Ė heís all twitches and small spasms; hitches of breath, almost soundless gasps nearly lost in the rushing of Rayís ears.

Fraserís cock is rubbing his chest and Ray slides even further down and it slicks against his chin, and then heís sucking it in, finally, and Fraser nearly throws him off, making noises that Rayís never heard anyone make in bed before, and yeah, that gets him going like nothing else. Fraser wants him, wants this, and he loves it, and Rayís got him, got him under his hands and in his mouth, wonít let him go anywhere without him. He starts working him, tip to root, as much as he can, and what he canít take with his mouth, he takes with his hands. One hand is already tangled with Fraserís, fingers entwined and probably white-knuckled, the other hand pumping Fraserís cock in time with his throat. Ray barely notices when he speeds up Ė his tongue is full of Fraser, Fraser, Fraser Ė he tastes everything, Fraserís all over him. With his eyes closed, he inhales their scent. He speeds up more, rubs himself on the sheets, because he canít not move anymore Ė everything is moving, even the bed is thumping now, because Fraserís not only loud now, heís restless Ė and so is Ray. Theyíre shaking the bed, and if they can do that with a blowjob, Ray canít wait to see what else they can do, and he barely has to time think before Fraser calls out his name, a warning, and shoots down his throat.

Ray takes as much as he can, then pumps Fraser through the rest while Fraser shakes, his head thrown back, neck exposed, and groans low in his throat. Ray slides his tongue out, tastes Fraser on his chin. Fraserís more flushed than ever now, his hair a total mess, his mouth still open, but with no sound coming out. When Fraser finally subsides, Ray slides back up his body and runs a hand through the curled hair, wet at the roots, and grins like an idiot.

Heís almost surprised when heís flipped over onto his back and taken in hand, but quickly realizes that he doesnít so much mind giving the controls over to Fraser. Heís wiped out, and wants to be wiped clean Ė he can damn well be the passenger now and get his kicks by watching Fraser try to obey the rules and blow them all off, one by one, until itís just them and nothing standing in between.

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