Five Things Joe Wanted To Do To Billy but Knew He Shouldn't So Almost Didn't But Then Fucking Did Them Anyway

Written for Helleboredoll, with the title as the prompt.

Joe knew that he shouldn't have pushed Billy to go on tour with them in the first place, but fuck that, he did, anyway.

Joe knew he shouldn't have blown Billy ten years ago in the back of the van, smacked out of his head, but Billy's crotch was right there, all he had to do was slide down the zipper, and then it was Billy's dick, so yeah, he did it anyway.

Joe knew he shouldn't have put it into words in his own head, and he definitely shouldn't have gotten so drunk he told the words to Billy five years ago, slurring them over the phone, but because he was drunk, he did it anyway.

Joe knew he shouldn't have fucked Billy eight years ago, in the studio, after they'd finished recording for the night and Pipe and Oxenberger had gone home, but Billy was horny and pushing his limits and he wanted to, so he did it, anyway.

Joe knew he shouldn't have begged Billy to stay, but he was desperate, and he fucking loved him, and he hated that, and he hated himself, and he did it, anyway, but it didn't do him much good, because Billy would have left, anyway, so he staggered up to the cameraman and did the one thing he should have done years ago, had it not been for Billy.

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