Five Places Fraser Didn't Suck Ray's Cock, But Really Really Wanted To

Written for Mickeymvt.

1) They were on a stake-out and Ray was sitting with his legs relaxed and open and it was only their second week working together, and Fraser kept clutching at his hat, because now was definitely not the to start having horribly inappropriate thoughts about one's new partner. But Ray's cock was outlined almost perfectly within the confines of his tight jeans, and Fraser's eyes just kept being drawn to it. He was not a man who was easily impressed, but he was most definitely impressed.

2) Ray had been telling him about his traumatic experience in the bank, and when he got to the part where he urinated in his trousers, Fraser unconsciously looked down at Ray's crotch and then flushed as his mouth watered, and he had to turn away and reign himself in, and this was definitely getting out of hand.

3) Ray's physical condition might have been appalling, but there was still something very intensely appealing about him - his grace, his desire to impress, his easy presence. After Fraser helped Ray pull his holster up, he looked down, and Ray's head was thrown back, exposing his neck, and his legs were spread open. Fraser jerked away, because a sudden flash of an image - himself, on his knees, in front of Ray's unzipped corduroys - crowded his mind and he had to step away or reveal himself entirely.

4) The worst time was perhaps during the Beth Botrelle case, when he came into Ray's apartment to see Ray spread out on the couch, vulnerable, fast asleep. Ray had been wearing the same - tight, black - trousers for two days by then, and they seemed to have molded themselves in his image. One knee was slightly drawn up, the other leg flat against the cushions of the couch, and Fraser clutched at the back of the couch, steeling himself against the overwhelming desire to unzip the trousers, take hold of Ray's erection and slip it into his mouth.

5) They were sitting in front of an open fire, and Fraser could barely see Ray's face, much less the rest of him, but he could feel Ray's presence so acutely, it was as if neither one of them was wearing clothes. The heat from the fire belied the cold just outside their two-man circle, and Fraser imagined that if he were to approach Ray and strip him of his clothes, Ray would get warmer than ever. He didn't suck Ray's cock in front of the fire.

However, once they were inside their tent, with their sleeping bags all laid out and heating pads at the foot and head of each one, he allowed himself to hope, and Ray allowed himself to be stripped, and then, finally, Fraser got to taste Ray.

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