Five Things About Ray That Only Fraser Knows About.

Written for StreetSpirit18.

1) Fraser knows that Ray's first sexual experiment hadn't been with Stella.

2) Fraser knows all of Ray's erogenous zones. All of them.

3) Fraser knows that after Ray's been chopping wood for a solid half an hour, he gets a kink in his left shoulder, and one way to get rid of it out is to rub it gently with a thumb and an index finger, while breathing on the entire area. The heat of his breath allows the muscle to relax enough to massage the knot out.

4) Fraser knows that the first time Ray had given somebody a bloody nose, he was protecting his brother.

5) Fraser knows that, with the curtains parted only half-way, and the sun just coming up on the horizon, the stream outside their cabin that reflects sun on their ceiling makes Ray's eyes look see-through blue, and the wrinkles on his skin deepen and give a certain definition to his smile that it had lacked in the first year that Fraser knew him.

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