Written for Louve_Mae, with this icon as a prompt.

Remus felt sweat running down his sides, soaking into the sheets underneath him. His breath escaped his mouth and mingled with Siriusís. Their lips were so close, they almost touched. Almost. Siriusís face was out of focus, but Remus could tell that the light grey eyes were closed, the dark eyebrows drawn together. He allowed his tongue to slide out and over Siriusís upper lip. It was salty from the summer heat made denser by the closed curtains of his four-poster. He swallowed Siriusís soft gasp of pleasure in his mouth, finally tasting their breaths together, feeling Sirius move on top of him, the taut, wet stomach sliding over his own, making him gasp in return. Their movement gained strength, the fit of their bodies getting more strenuous, their hips moving in accord, their arms locking stronger together. He felt himself rising, he felt Sirius rising with him, the heat getting more and more oppressive, his mind spinning faster and faster. He could not account for it, but he found himself sitting up, Siriusís legs wrapped around his torso, Siriusís hands in his hair, Siriusís tongue still sliding over his, devouring his breath and thought, and he wrapped his arms around the torso in front of him, his nails digging into the strong back. He felt the insistent need to move, and he did, his hips pushing into Siriusís, their pulse speeding up, their moans growing louder, mingling in the air and dissipating, until Sirius released a long groan into his mouth and grabbed his hair with renewed strength. Just as he became aware of warm fluid on his stomach, Remus groaned in return and came, pulsing against Sirius, his body shuddering and heaving. He held Sirius closer to him, even closer, and did not want to let go. He panted until he could take it no more and with one swift movement, the curtains were parted, and the summer sun washed them in light. The curtains had made a breeze, and he felt it all along his wet skin. He pulled back and looked at Sirius. The pupils dilated and hair a mess, he looked unfocused and red. He looked utterly gorgeous. Remus couldnít say a word. Sirius looked back at him. They breathed in and out. The air around them cooled. The day wore on.

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