Why Newbie only lets Squirtis Give Head with the TV off

Written for Helleboredoll with the title as the prompt.

Newbie lets Curtis give him head at all because Curtis is surprisingly good at it, and Newbie loves getting head. Curtis seems to like Newbie's dick a lot, so he spends a lot of quality time down there, and Newbie is a-okay with that. He sometimes wishes Hope would join in on the fun, but they only do it when she isn't home, and Curtis seems to like it that way, so they keep it that way. But he only lets Curtis suck him off with the TV off, because Curtis is an avid TV watcher, and hey - Newbie cannot blame him, he is one, too, after all - but Curtis has a really annoying habit of gnashing his teeth together when watching TV, and Newbie just can't allow that. Because he likes Curtis, and he likes TV, and he really likes getting head, but the one thing he really doesn't like at all is teeth biting into his dick, so he makes Curtis turn the TV off and then sends him on his merry way southward. Ahhh, yeah. That's the life.

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