Human Interest

Written for Soupytwist, in response to this picture as a prompt.

Ray hated pictures. No, he did. He didn't like 'em, he didn't like having them taken, he didn't like looking at 'em, he didn't like pictures. And he would have refused, totally, had it not been for Fraser. Because instead of trying to tell Ray that he was being ridiculous, or childish, or stubborn, like Stella used to do, he came up from behind Ray, licked his ear and said in that husky voice he used on Ray to melt him into a puddle of 37-year old goo,

"You're actually looking very sexy today, Ray. I'd love to have a picture of it. To...commemorate the event, so to speak." Ray was already starting to melt, but at that point, his brain was still firing on most cylinders.

"What," he rasped, "I'm not sexy enough for you every other day? You goin' anywhere?"

"Oh, no, Ray." Fraser licked a path up Ray's jaw, his tongue flicking perilously close to Ray's lips. "You are entirely sexy, every day of the year." Another quick flick of the tongue, down the jaw line and cutting across to his ear. "But you are looking particularly fetching today." A slow, wet kiss right where Ray's pulse was racing. He could have held out. He could have. But Fraser knew just where to push, just what to say, and he went for it, he just - went for it, and Ray was gone, he was a goner, so that just as Fraser was saying, "Perhaps it's something about your hair today that just --" Ray was turning around, and catching that damn tongue, and that was it, he had agreed. Yes, he would pose for the damn "Chicago Life" magazine, and yes, he would make nice with the reporters, and yes, he would acknowledge the fact that finally their world-saving escapades were getting the recognition they so rightly deserved, yes, yes, yes, as long as Fraser kept doing that thing with his lips and teeth and tongue.

Overall, Ray decided afterwards, it hadn't been so bad. Yeah, he looked like he wanted to bolt out of there as fast as his legs could take him, and, yeah, the photographer was flirting with Fraser like her life depended on it, but Ray figured it was all right. Because afterwards, he got to take Fraser home, strip him down, and nail him to the mattress. Put that in your human interest story and print it.

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