Kinda Gay

All Omphale23's fault and her continuous feeding of the crack addiction, also known as She posted a conversation, and I couldn't resist.

Ray staggered into his apartment, and would have fallen on his ass, had Fraser's arm not propped him up in time. He mumbled his thanks, and attempted to straighten up. It didn't work, so he slumped against Fraser instead, and began making his point from halfway to the floor.

"So you know how I knew you were gay? Ooof! Hey, watch it!"

Fraser nearly dropped Ray onto the carpet, but his voice was steady enough behind him. "I'm sorry?"

"It's cool, Frase, but you know how I knew?" Ray panted and unbent himself slowly, almost walking on his own, except for Fraser still being attached to him, like, permanently. "Frase?"

Ray tried to turn his head, and kind of succeeded, 'cause he saw Fraser's shaking his head and rubbing his eyebrow. Yeah, there went the neck crack. Ray took it as a cue to continue.

"I knew you were gay when you started making out with me after happy hour last week." He smiled, 'cause he knew he'd proven his point for once, all logic, none of that gut shit. Fraser kissed him - stuck his tongue down Ray's throat, in fact - so he couldn't possibly deny that he was queer. All evidence pointed towards - that conclusion. Yeah. Ray finally turned around, only...

"Uh, Frase?" Fraser's arm was still wrapped around his waist.

"Oh. Oh, yes." Fraser nodded, but he looked kind of out of it. Looked like he was agreeing with Ray, but mostly, it looked like he was watching Ray's mouth, and Ray wondered what was so interesting about his mouth - he tried looking, too, but it was his mouth, so he couldn't exactly tell - and then his brain kicked back in. Fraser was watching his mouth. So, Ray watched Fraser's mouth, and then Fraser's mouth opened, and Ray licked his lips and got all ready to prove his point again, but...Fraser wasn't going in for that. He was talking. "Well, I, uh- I suppose that one might, in fact... come to that conclusion, based on the events that had transpired last week. However, one might also look at it as a singular incident which --"

Fraser kept on talking, and most of it was going in one ear and out the other, because it was all bullshit, anyway, but his mouth was pretty. So, Ray decided to give him some evidence of his own, and also hey, if the guy was convinced it was just the one incident and didn't make him gay, well, Ray would make him gay, 'cause two times equaled twice the gay.

So he shut Fraser up and then, when they were sprawled across Ray's bed, naked, sweaty and kinda limp, Fraser had no choice but to admit that actually coming in a guy's mouth and jerking a guy off is not a singular incident. Yeah. Fraser was kinda gay. Which was totally okay, because Ray wasn't exactly the straightest cop in town.

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