Written for Scriggle, in response to this picture as a prompt.

Well. He sure ain't never been lassoed before. Christy tried to undo the rope from his hands and failed. It was tight as sin around his wrists. He couldn't pull away, and what would his father have thought, seeing his only son being lassoed and tied up by a girl? Apart from him thinking nothin' 'cause he was dead, he probably would have killed Christy right there on the damn spot for letting it happen in the first place, and not getting out in the second. But what the hell had his father known? Christy was different. And if his father had been so concerned about him being not man enough, or a prissy girl, well, it was his own damn fault for not giving him a better name.

Phew, Gwen sure knew what she was doing with that lasso. He didn't even know how it happened, but one minute he was on one side of the store, the next minute, he'd been pulled forward and... oh, dear Christ, what was he going to do now? Peg could come in any minute, and he loved Peg, so what the hell could he do? Gwen looked crazy enough to do anything, and she was... Christ, getting naked now? He was only human.

Christy tried shutting his eyes, but they kept popping open, and when Gwen pulled him down and began releasing the ropes, he did a quick prayer that Peg wouldn't come in just then and gave it up. He was showing his father, all right. Two girls in as many days. Montana hadn't seen the last of him.

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