Written for Katrin, with this prompt: "How about Fraser being pissed off at Ray?"


Ray glanced over to see Fraser fidgeting with his Stetson in the passenger's seat. He'd rub the brim, then twirl it a bit, then rub another spot, and rotate. And again. And again.


Rub, twirl, rotate.


"What is it, Ray?" He sounded like nothing was the matter, and that Ray hadn't just yelled at him just to get a response.

"What the hell is the matter with you? Why aren't you talking?"

"I don't have anything to say, Ray."

"What, no story to tell, no anecdote, nothing?" This was ridiculous. Fraser always had something to say, whether you wanted him to or not. And right now, Ray wanted him to, so obviously, Fraser's well of boring stories dried up like that.

"No, no stories or anecdotes."

Rub, twirl, rotate. Ray was going to go dizzy.

"Fraser. Talk to me. Why are you acting all pissy?"

"Pissy, Ray? I don't understand why you would think that."

Rub. Twirl. Rotate.

"Fraser, put the hat down." He must have said it louder than intended, because the hat fell to the floor. "Sorry..." He sighed and stopped at a red. "Fraser..."


"What the hell is wrong? And don't lie to me, all right?"

He watched as Fraser opened his mouth, changed his mind, and closed it again.

"I'm not -- pissy, Ray. Not exactly with you, in any case."

"So you admit that you were being at least a little pissy."

"I'm not --"

"Say it, Fraser." Ray watched the light change and took off again.

"I --"

"I, Fraser, was being pissy--"

"Ray --"

"And took it out on my friend Ray --"

"Ray --"

"While he has done nothing to deserve such --"



"Now I'm pissy with you."

"Thought so."

Ray could feel Fraser glaring at him. He stifled a grin.

"Ray, it -- can we please move on and disregard my moods and what might have potentially caused them?"


"Thank you." He saw Fraser sag back into his seat a bit.

"Right after you tell me why you were being pissy."

"Ray --"

"Yes, Fraser?"

"Shut up."

"Right you are."

Dief whoofed in the backseat. Maybe Fraser just wanted donuts.

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