Five Places Ray Kowalski Never Put His Cock

Written for Alpheratz.

1) He never actually got to fuck Stella in the ass. He kind of wanted to, not even to say that he did, but to see what it's like, and he loved her ass - completely loved it. But she kept on waffling and putting it off and finally, just flat-out refused, so there went that. He didn't really mind - he loved sex with Stella, ass or no ass.

2) When he was three, he thought it might fun to stick his willy in an electrical socket, but his mom got there before he could try it, and so that never happened.

3) A neighborhood boy once dared him to dangle it in front one of the stray dogs that kept coming back to the trash bins for food, and Ray almost did, except then the dog bared its teeth at him, and he whimped out. The boy called him 'dangling Kowalski' for that whole summer afterwards.

4) He really, really liked Lynn Steklovsky during his short stint at college, and Stella was being weird and they weren't having sex for a whole month, and Lynn flirted with him like there was no tomorrow. One time, they actually made out and she made like she was going to go down on him, unzipped his pants and even took out his cock, when her roommate walked in and Ray had to run out of there like his pants were on fire. So, he never got to stick it in her pretty mouth.

5) Fraser once got this cock ring and they were gonna try it out and Ray volunteered for the first run, but then he looked at the cock ring, and looked at Fraser's cock, and looked back at the cock ring, and came right there, so that never happened, and they just had a lot of sex that didn't required a cock ring, and are still doing it without the cock ring, though it sits in his bedside drawer looking cool.

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