Entirely Unexpected.

Written for JustBreathe80, with the prompt of "F/K - "Well, that was entirely unexpected."

“Well, that was entirely unexpected.”

Dewey spared a moment to glare at Huey’s sarcasm, quickly covered his eyes, and turned the hell around. They weren’t supposed to have gone into interrogation room #2, because the case’d been Vecchio’s, and it shouldn’t have mattered that the guy they finally found and arrested was Dewey’s old poker buddy from school. But Vecchio practically swiped the case up from under Dewey’s nose, and then he collared his poker-playing buddy? The guy was due for a whacking.

Except he was getting one, only in a way that – apparently! – only Huey had expected.

Dewey groaned and let his hand fall down. “Are they fucking done yet?”

He heard Huey sniggering behind him. “Yeah, Tom, they’re done. So are we. I’m leaving.”

Dewey watched as Jack’s suit-covered back walked out of the dim room, and allowed himself to turn back to the one-way mirror. Fraser and Vecchio were zipping up now, and looking at each other like – ugh, oh man, like a pair of fucking girls. There went Vecchio with the straightening of the white string on the Mountie’s uniform, and there was the Mountie, patting down Vecchio’s skewed t-shirt.

“Ugh,” Dewey groaned as he turned away and waited for them to leave. Apparently, his buddy had been sprung before he’d even reached the interrogation room. And, apparently, the two oh-so-celebrated cops hadn’t given a damn, pawing at each other like – oh, man, he was not going back there. Dewey stoppered his thoughts and walked out. Next time, he was getting the damn case. And there was no way he was letting Huey go into the interrogation room with him.

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