Five Men Who've Wanted Fraser (Each In Their Own Way)

Written for Bathsweaver.

1) Sergeant Bob Fraser had always wanted for his son to follow in his footsteps, to go proudly and with his head held high, into the most honorable profession Bob could think of. When he watched his son graduate the academy and be called a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the first time, he thought he could never be prouder. He was proven wrong, when he felt his son's gaze on his back as he and Caroline walked out of Ben's life for good.

2) Mark Smithbauer had been a little fuzzy as to how he ended up on Ben's bed at 9 o'clock at night, but soon enough, it hadn't mattered, and he discovered that all the things he thought his imagination had supplied to hsi bare-bones memories, had actually been fully fleshed out memories, and he hadn't been imagining it at all.

3) Ray Vecchio had never met anybody like Benton Fraser, and he had never really thought that he would want to spend so much time with such an out-of-this-world weird guy. But when he was suddenly faced with the prospect of his most interesting case to date without Benny, he felt lonelier than he had in years. As a friend - as the best, most exasperating and frustrating friend - Ray would miss Benny more than he ever missed anybody in his life, apart from Angie. He hoped that once the whole Vegas gig was over, Benny would be there, to greet him at the airport.

4) Renfield Turnbull had not had many role models. His father had been a slightly terrifying, if great, man, and his brothers had all taken routes in life he simply did not understand. However, upon meeting Constable Fraser, Turnbull was struck by the resemblance of this man to his perfect Mountie ideal. From that day forward, Constable Turnbull did his utmost to live up to any expectations Constable Fraser might have had of him, and beyond.

5) Ray Kowalski wanted Fraser in the simplest way that the world knew: he wanted all of him. Somehow, through drowned cars and hunted bounty hunters; through dead men walking and women walking away from death; through summer, fall, winter and spring, Ray Kowalski learned that he could, in fact, love twice, and could love just as intensely and heart-wrenchingly as he had at nineteen, when he put a ring on Stella's hand, and rode off into the sunset with her. This time, riding off into the sunrise, he hoped that the differences would keep them from derailing.

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