With many thanks to Brooklinegirl, for not only putting up this "OMG PORN A DAY!" challenge, but also for beta-ing - as usual, with me, at the eleventh hour of the deadline.

Also, thank you to Purpig21 for suggesting the title. I can finish porn in under a deadline, but titles are just damn tricky.

Fraser woke slowly, tug by tug drifting out of unconsciousness. The heat behind him kept shifting, changing shape, until the dullness of sleep was replaced by awareness.

Sound. Touch. Smell.

Little by little, he began to identify each one: soft rustling of the sheets, calloused fingertips on his skin, sleep and sex all around him. He opened his eyes and saw that the only source of light was the street lamps outside, and the city was almost quiet, if any time in Chicago would ever be considered quiet. He smiled a little, and began to shift from his side, trying to turn towards Ray. Ray’s hands dampened his movements.

“Stay,” rasped Ray’s voice in his ear. Fraser immediately ceased moving and waited.

“Good. Okay.” Ray sounded satisfied with Fraser’s response. Fraser felt a kiss drop on his ear, then a small lick, leaving a wet spot cooling on his skin. Another, then another, all down his jaw, then over his neck, right below the hairline. He felt goose-bumps rising after each touch, like small prickles of awareness. When Ray licked him just – there – he knew his entire arm would get covered in goose-bumps, and he knew, too, that Ray’s hand would follow their progress, all down his side.

Fraser shifted, adjusted his position, felt himself growing harder. Ray’s hand grasped his wrist and pinned it to his side.

“I said…stay,” Ray repeated, his voice still hoarse from sleep. “I’m doing something here. You have to wait.”

Fraser laughed softly and subsided. He could wait. He was very good at waiting. In fact, he was much better at it than Ray ever could be. He bit the inside of his cheek and made himself do as Ray had instructed. Of course, Ray had never mentioned remaining silent.

“And what am I waiting for?” Fraser asked, completely still.

Ray stopped the soft bite he was giving Fraser’s shoulder, and Fraser felt him lifting his head. “You’re waiting for me,” Ray answered, sounding almost upset.

“For you to do- what, exactly?” Fraser imagined very hard that he was looking a commanding officer in the eye and suppressed any sort of smile. He had to imagine being in front of the Queen herself in order not to laugh at Ray’s indignant huff that followed his question.

“You’re just waiting, all right, Fraser? You -” the hand around Fraser’s wrist tightened its grip, “-are lying still and waiting. And no questions, either.”


“Look, you want to go back to sleep or be entertained?” Ray’s annoyed tone did not entirely agree with the close proximity of his body to Fraser’s, but that was nothing new. They were each a well of contradictions. Fraser didn’t answer, instead settling down, only by accident brushing up against Ray’s erection.

“Do not do that,” he heard behind him. Fraser nodded and was still once more. “All right. Now…”

And then Ray was quiet, too, as he released Fraser’s wrist and slid his hand all the way from Fraser’s hip to his cheeks, gripping each one hard, then smoothing away any pain. All Fraser could hear was their mingled breathing, getting minutely louder with each passing moment, and the rustling of the sheets. It was surprising that Ray hadn’t kicked them away entirely, as was his usual wont, but that was a perfunctory thought, one that fled as soon as Ray’s finger began to part his cheeks. Fraser closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Yeah…” Ray breathed, and Fraser had to suppress the urge to move him along. He knew that, impatient as Ray usually was for everything - be it coffee, solving a case, or reaching orgasm – he had moments when he let things slow down, and allowed himself to take them all in. Fraser knew this, and he knew how important it was for Ray. But Ray was being so excruciatingly slow right at that moment, Fraser thought he would go mad with waiting. He breathed in deeply and waited some more.

Ray let his finger travel a bit further down, catching and sliding against skin, until it slid in up to one knuckle inside Fraser. It was dry, but not too painful. And it didn’t last long – after a short getting-to-know-you-all-over-again wiggle, Ray’s finger departed and Fraser nearly whimpered. This time, however, he didn’t have to wait long. As if all of Ray’s patience had been used up in the past few moments, he was now a torrent of movement. All at once, it seemed, the sheets were kicked away, Fraser turned over onto his stomach, and Ray settled in between his legs, spreading him open with his tongue.

Fraser’s breath caught and he groaned. Ray’s tongue was soft, insistent. Fraser was being licked all around, first slowly, gently, then faster, harder. Ray was fucking him with his tongue, moaning right alongside him, his fingers gripping his hips hard. All of Fraser’s awareness was pinpointed to the three places where Ray was touching him. His hips, probably getting red, if not bruised, from Ray’s grip, and his ass, Ray’s tongue never ceasing its exploration, making him want to scream and break open and come, he wanted to come, wanted Ray to make him come, but- but not yet.

His cheek was sweating against the sheets, his forehead was burning up, and he didn’t want to come just yet, he wanted to wait – now, now he wanted to wait, to let things slow down, to- to touch Ray, he realized, because he hadn’t yet done that.

“Ray- Ray-“ His voice broke, and he tried again. “Ray, please – wait --”

Ray wiggled his tongue and Fraser gripped the sheets. He gasped, and screwed up his eyes: they were stinging from sweat. He couldn’t quite catch his breath.

Ray didn’t stop. He continued licking Fraser, faster, harder, until Fraser thought that this was it, he was going to come, he would come, right that moment, he would—

His breath stuttered off as Ray slid away. Fraser heard himself whimper. The sound seemed to hang in the air for long moments, the only sound he could hear above his beating heart. Ray wasn’t there to entertain him, he decided. Ray was there to make sure he had an early heart attack. Fraser dropped his forehead, and tried taking deep breaths to calm down. His erection was, by now, almost painful.

Ray slid up his side, until their heads were level, and reached for Fraser’s neck. Fraser barely registered turning his head when Ray lunged for his mouth and touched their tongues together, giving a sloppy kiss that picked up where Ray’s licking had left off just a few moments earlier. Fraser couldn’t remember what it was like to breathe and not burn, and he gripped the sheet tighter, tried to hold on.

Ray broke off the kiss and panted. Fraser watched his face in the darkness. He could make out Ray’s eyes, eyelashes looking even darker, fuller, among the shadows. A wicked smile lifted his cheeks, a white flash of teeth made it tangible. Even in the dark, Ray shone out at him, held him just by being. Fraser leaned forward and caught Ray’s mouth with his own, hung onto their kiss. Ray didn’t try to stop him this time. Instead, he propelled Fraser onto his back, still kissing, and slid his hand down to Fraser’s erection, pumping it a couple of times, wringing whimpers out of Fraser’s throat, before sliding it to cup his balls, then behind them.

Fraser broke away from Ray’s mouth, not able to get enough air, and shuddered.

Ray dropped his head down, watched his finger disappear inside Fraser. “Fuck, I want to fuck you—want to fuck you so badly --” he whispered, and Fraser groaned in answer.

“Do it. Now, Ray, come on-- do it--”

Ray snapped his head up and looked at him. He looked wild, Fraser thought, messy and beautiful. He looked at Ray a moment longer, then urged him on more: “Ray, now, come on, now --” He reached behind him, felt around a bit, then grabbed a condom packet and the bottle of lube from one of the headboard shelves.

Ray, apparently, didn’t need to be asked three times. He snatched the supplies from Fraser’s hands and sat up as he tore open the condom packet and rolled the condom onto his erection. Fraser watched him as he then spread some lubricant over it, dribbled some onto his fingers. Fraser didn’t think that much was needed, but Ray was sometimes overly cautious when it came to these things. Overall, Fraser had decided a while back, it was a good thing.

Fraser began to roll over, impatient, but Ray stopped him and shook his head. He was panting, and apparently, incapable of speech, and Fraser couldn’t quite blame him. He nodded and stayed on his back, spreading his legs open, allowing Ray to settle in between. That was all the waiting it took.

Fraser gritted his teeth as Ray slid in, tried to relax, and didn’t let Ray stop. He put his hands over Ray’s ass, urged him to move. It hurt – every time, it hurt in the beginning – but his pain threshold was almost as great as his need. Ray began to move, slowly at first, then faster; harder. Fraser forgot the pain, forgot any discomfort at all. Ray was fucking him, fast now, fast and hard and so good, he was all around Fraser, all over him. They moved together, their breathing harsh and loud and all-encompassing.

Fraser was aware of sliding backwards, but it was a peripheral awareness, and didn’t mean anything compared to Ray, inside him. Ray, catching his lips and kissing him. Ray, gasping into his mouth, stuttering out words like “fuck” and “God” and “Fraser”, and completely odd combinations of all three. Fraser was hot all over, and yet he was shivering, and he could barely control any movement anymore. When Ray found his erection with his hand and pumped it, all it took was a few strokes and Fraser was coming, shaking as he did. He gasped and tightened his legs around Ray’s torso, hung onto him. Only when it was over did he realize that his head was hanging off the bed and blood was rushing to his face. He looked up just in time to see Ray screwing up his eyes and moaning as he reached orgasm. Fraser could see the minute shuddering of Ray’s arms, feel the tremors in his entire body.

When Ray collapsed on top of him, Fraser decided that he might, in fact, lose consciousness if he did not allow his head to lie on some sort of surface. He wriggled under Ray, maneuvered them both until Ray slid out of him, and fell back on the bed beside Fraser. Fraser made his limbs move and also settled back down on the bed, allowing his head to rest and his breathing to slow down. He was still gasping when Ray’s hot hand settled on his chest. It was too hot and sticky, but Fraser didn’t move it.

“See,” Ray finally said after a few quiet moments, “this is how I like to start my weekends.”

“Happy Saturday, then, Ray,” Fraser answered, putting his own hand on top of Ray’s.

“And happy Saturday to you, too, Fraser,” Ray answered.

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