Sirius stubbed his toe in the dark. Or, at least, that’s what Remus thought he had done. Perhaps it wasn’t very painful, since usually the boy that could make McGonagall proud with his erudition, use of vocabulary and quick wit, swore up quite a storm when pained. Granted, Sirius seemed to have a high tolerance for pain, but his tongue was more susceptible to it than his nerve endings. Remus lit his bedside torch and squinted.

“You all right there, Paddy?”

“F-fine,” came the slurred reply. “Jzhust…stubbed m’toe…”

Ah, yes. Well, they hadn’t been friends for eight years for nothing. Sometimes Remus thought that perhaps knowing exactly what Sirius or James or Peter were thinking showed more about their friendship than the fact that they had become Animagi just for him. The little things, as the saying went...

And it really wouldn’t have taken a genius or a best friend to figure out that Sirius was d! runk off his arse.

“Where’ve you been, then?”

“What are you, my mother?” A thud. “Aww, fuck…”

“No, a grumpy nineteen year old friend that you’d woken up stumbling in.” Remus sat up in his bed and glared at Sirius. Honestly, the boy was such a disagreeable drunk. Any minute now, the retching would start, Remus just knew it, and he would have to play mum – yes, no matter how much Sirius denied it – and hold his long hair while Sirius purged his stomach of the ten shots of Firewhiskey he had undoubtedly got down.

“What, you were sleeping?” Sirius finally found the bed and sank down onto it gratefully. Unfortunately, the bed that he had found was Remus’s. The werewolf sighed a long, pained sigh and rubbed his sleep-deprived eyes.

“Sirius, you’re on my bed, and yes, of course I was asleep, it’s bloody three in the morning!”

“No, it isn’t,” Sirius protested, quite unbecomingly, since stupid didn’t suit him.

“Yes, mate, it is. Here, give us yo! ur watch…” Remus reached out and pulled off Sirius’s wristwatch, putting it to his ear and listening for the telltale ticking. None was forthcoming. “Your watch has stopped, you imbecile. It’s been on eleven for all of four hours now.” Remus threw the watch down on the bed and stood up. It was then that he heard Sirius’s snoring. “Oh, for the love of… Sirius!” A quiet snort, and Sirius rolled over, looking strangely comfortable for someone who was actually halfway on the floor. “Sirius!” Nothing. Remus cursed the day he had ever allowed Sirius to move in with him after his lease expired, and got ready for a sleepless night.


ooooh, something was moving… oh, lord, don’t do that…don’t move…no, dizzy…what fucking idiot had replaced his legs with iron casts..? who in the world would do such a stupid, miserable, fucked-up…


Remus groaned as he rolled Sirius onto his bed. Under any other circumstances, this would actually be quite a sight to! behold – Sirius, in his bed. Of course, in his fantasies – and they had been fantasies, whether he liked it or not – Sirius had been wide-awake, naked, not reeking of alcohol and public urinals, and very much aroused – and arousing. The way things looked now, Remus couldn’t really picture himself being aroused in any way, shape or form – and as for Sirius... /He/ wouldn’t be able to get it up even if presented with the most gorgeous witch - or wizard? - from “Witch’s Weekly”. He was definitely out cold.

Remus sighed and sat down next to his prone friend. Some black hair was resting in the fold of Sirius’s mouth, and Sirius looked as if he was trying to chew on it. Well, that wouldn’t do – Remus removed the hair, tucking it slowly behind one slightly over-large ear. Sirius frowned, slurped and continued his quiet snoring. His eyes were darting behind his eyelids, and some drool was escaping his mouth. Remus found it disturbing that the fact that Sirius was, in all ! actuality, drooling on his sheets wasn’t bothering him in the slightest. In fact, it was sort of…endearing…

Remus slapped himself mentally, and stood up. That line of thought was dangerous, to say the least. He was deluding himself if he thought that those long looks Sirius sometimes gave him meant anything romantic. Sirius was just studying him. As a person. Because Sirius, in moments of surprising insightfulness, would actually do that sometimes. He said it helped him with the training for the Order. Remus just liked the way Sirius’s clear blue eyes focused on his.

Right. Sleep was definitely in order, here. He knew that in approximately five minutes, Sirius would wake up and need his sober attentions. But maybe just a quick nap…just to rest his eyes…

Remus slumped down on the bed and slept.


mmm, soft…wretched, though…who had put all those squirrels in his stomach..? why, in god’s name, would anyone do that..? wasn’t it enough that! his legs were now made of marble..? iron. iron, whatever, not flesh and blood, as they ought to be, was the point…what was that wet warmth…oh…oh, lord, that felt absolutely abhorrent, what in the wo–



Remus woke up with a start. It was lucky that his hearing was so sharp, he decided a second before Firewhiskey mixed in with whatever else Sirius had consumed that night poured out onto his crisp, new sheets. If he hadn’t moved quiet as fast, he would have caught some afterflow, as well. Cursing madly, Remus made himself get up and turn Sirius over. One blood-shot eye opened and looked up at him, clearly not seeing. Quicker than a spell, Remus lifted Sirius off the bed and led him to the bathroom, while the arse that dared to call himself his friend splattered the contents of his stomach into the hardwood floors. Newly polished, but, really, Remus wasn’t going to make a fuss just then.

Expertly tucking the black he! ad into the toilet, he held the hair until the heaving subsided and Sirius fell away from the cold porcelain with a heavy sigh. Remus looked at the unmoving figure that sat next to him and tried to ascertain its condition. Sirius’s head was lowered and black hair fell lank against the slightly shivering shoulders. His arms lay useless by his side, fingers partially covered in vomit. His legs stuck out at odd angles. In short, Sirius looked like utter crap. And even as Remus was scrutinizing him, he began falling slowly against him, so that by the time Remus knew what had pinned him down to the cold, tile floor, Sirius was already snoring.


ah, soft…warm…well, maybe not so soft, sort of hard, actually…but warm…neck hurts…fuck it, it’s warm…what in the world did they put in his mouth, ten thousand vomit-flavored bertie bott’s beans..? why, why, why would anyone do that, that is a sick, twisted joke, only snape deserved such a revolting, abominable…

~*! ~

All he wanted to do this Friday night, all he had wanted to do this entire, bloody week was go to sleep early just once and get enough rest to not nod off at work. Was that really asking too much?

Remus pondered this as he lifted Sirius’s heavy frame off him and tried to get up. His legs had got cramps in them and he grunted as he finally straightened them out. Sirius slumped fully to the floor with a low thud.

Perhaps if he left him here, lying on the floor, it would teach Sirius a lesson? Oh, but the floor was hard and cold…it couldn’t be good for Sirius’s back. And he would have one hell of a headache in the morning if he didn’t get any water in him soon. And nobody wanted to wake up on the bathroom floor, freezing their cute little arse off, when they had a hangover.

Resolute, Remus decided to take action. First, he slapped Sirius – lightly – on the cheek. That did the trick of waking him up, as well as letting off some stea! m. Next, Remus took hold of his confounded friend and heaved him up, grateful, for once, for the exercise that his alter ego provided each full moon.

“Now, don’t you fucking fall asleep on me, Black, or I will thrash you. You can count on that,” he said as he made their way out of the bathroom. “Now, we will probably fall over a few times, since you were so kind as to leave squishy marks on your way to the loo, but I’m attempting to get us into the kitchen. You need some water. After that, I’ll hit you with a sobering charm, I’m sure it isn’t too difficult to do… I’m up for a little experimentation, what do you say?”


“Right. You don’t say much when you’re drunk. I believe you kill more brain cells with one shot then the entirety of wizarding kind does with a whole bottle of the shite.” He grunted and arranged Sirius’s into a better position for carrying.


“Whatever you say, oh, brilliant one.” Remus deposited his load onto a chair! and straightened up. Sirius now not only owed him a load of laundry and a mopping up, but a backrub, as well. Oh, yes, and one night of standing over him with a peacock fan and waving it in the heat of the night, while Remus slept like a baby. Slept for a very, very long time. Like a very, very exhausted baby.

In the dim light – Sirius really wouldn’t have been able to handle anything more – Remus found a clean glass and filled it with water. That, of course, had been the easy part. It was getting that water inside of Sirius that actually posed the problem. Well, he’d use force, if necessary. Maybe even if it wasn’t.

“Here, water. Drink.” Remus attempted to make Sirius understand – maybe if he used very short sentences and little to no intonation, some light of understanding would get inside that dim head.

“Nahhhh…” Sirius tried shoving the glass out of the way with a useless hand.

“On the contrary, yeeeeeesss,” Remus countered and pushed the glass bac! k into Sirius’s scrunched-up face. “You’ll feel better, I promise.”


“Oh, c’mon, I need my sleep, man!” Remus lost his patience and grabbed hold of Sirius’s hair above the forehead. He lifted the head up and attempted to get Sirius’s jaw to unclasp. Of course, simply willing it to open only worked in silly Muggle movies. If only he had had his wand on him, but it was conveniently lying on his bedside table, right next to where Remus should have been all this bloody time.

“Sirius, open your mouth.” Sirius shook his head, his eyes squeezed tight. “Acting like a four year old is only cute when you’re four. Open your mouth. Now.” Another shake of head. “If you don’t open your mouth now, I will cut off your wanker, you hear me?” He waited. “Ah, there’s a good lad…here, chug it all down…” He looked on as Sirius’s throat worked against the current. “Just be sure to keep it all down,” he added quietly, letting go of Sirius’s head. He real! ly didn’t like to be this rough, but necessity was a bitch. Sirius was excruciatingly stupid when plastered, not to mention very slow where movement was concerned. They had all learned that during their seventh form at Hogwarts, when an unofficial leaving celebration almost left them expelled before the actual Leaver’s Feast.

Remus slumped down in a chair next to Sirius, who was staring with blank eyes at the tabletop. As he watched his oldest friend in the world try to blink at a normal rate and fail, he wondered briefly if this was to be all the intimacy their friendship would ever afford. Strange is as it seemed, the ordeal did feel oddly intimate – and it was one of those rare times when Sirius actually listened to his advice. Funny he should do it when left with no other choice. Would Remus never get noticed beyond the brotherly affection they all shared? Was he really that only one that felt… Well. Whatever he felt, it hardly mattered in the long run.

“Well! , let’s try that sobering charm, and then get you to bed, all right?” Remus wasn’t sure why he was talking to someone who had the mental capacity of a week-old puppy, but it seemed a comforting thing to do. He went into his room to retrieve his wand. The room reeked and he quickly cleaned it up with a few well-chosen cleaning and air freshening spells. He made his way back to the kitchen to find Sirius slumped across the table. The glass was rattling on the floor, and Remus decided not to disturb it. Now, what was that sobering charm..? He began looking through his copy of Practical Magic: From Sautéing to Washing and Everything in Between.


mmmmmm, maybe it was only a couple vomit-flavored beans…not so bad now…still can’t feel the legs, though…and why was his arm not moving, either..? really, for a grown man to not have any mobility, it was rather…silly…and mmm, what is that mumbling…where’s it…the voice sounds familiar…moony?…moony…what…why…wait, th! ose words sound fami- yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhmotherfuckerbloodyfuckingooooooooowwwwwww!


He must have done something right, because Sirius now seemed much more sober. And very pained. Remus had heard somewhere that sobering charms did that…surely he wasn’t in pain anymore?..

“What the fuck…” Sirius rubbed his eyes and looked up at Remus through almost lucid, albeit puffy and exhausted, eyes. “Moony? What happened?”

“Sobering charm,” Remus said by way of explanation and leaned down to pick up the glass.

“Sobering charm? I didn’t know you knew those…”

“Came in handy, though, didn’t it?” Remus put the glass in the sink with a clunk. “Now, we need to get you to bed.”

“What time is it?” Sirius was looking for his watch and, understandably, not finding it.

“I’d wager it’s about three thirty, give or take. Your watch stopped, so I took it off.”


“Yes, well, come, I’ll take you to bed…” Remus cursed himse! lf and felt the blood rushing to his face as Sirius raised what looked to be a dubious eyebrow. “Your bed, so you can sleep, you prat. I still have to clean mine.” He heaved Sirius up and found that it was much easier to do when the other party went willingly.

“Why, what happened to it?” Sirius asked, as he began walking slowly on his own. Remus glared in his direction and turned away, walking next to him.

“You threw up all over it, that’s what.”

“Ah…sorry.” Sirius dutifully walked on. Then: “Wait a second… What was I doing in your bed?”

“You fell on it, what do you think you were doing in it?” Remus spat, louder than he had wanted to. Sirius winced and rubbed his temples. “Sorry.”

“Nah, it’s fine…”

Was the idea really so repulsive to him, Remus wondered? He wasn’t that unattractive, he had certainly turned more than his fair share of heads – of all kinds – at his time in Hogwarts. And that girl Linda had definitely flirt! ed with him while he was making deliveries to Flourish and Blotts. Even asked for his floo number, but he hadn’t taken the bait. Who needed a pretty, longhaired sales witch, when they could have a drunkard of a friend who had never even thought of doing to him half the things that Remus had wanted to reciprocate on?

Remus glared at Sirius and led him inside the bedroom. Bloody prat. /Bloody clueless prat/, he thought as he lowered Sirius slowly onto the unmade bed and straightened out the hair that threatened to tie itself around that long neck. Remus watched the Adam’s apple bob up and down as Sirius swallowed, and made himself turn away.

“There, feel better in the morning, next time you’re not getting off this easily.” He attempted a grin and began walking away.

“Wait, Remus.” Sirius’s voice sounded hoarse, which really came as no surprise considering the acidic exercise that his throat got earlier in the night. A clammy hand reached out and grabbed Remus! ’s wrist, and it was all Remus could do to not throw it off in a fit of nerves. He made himself turn towards Sirius, instead. His mouth had begun making words:

“Oh, right, the torch. Hold on, I’ll get it –” He went to dim the light, but Sirius stopped him. In fact, he had simply yanked Remus down, so that the torch went crashing down to the floor and Remus blinked as he found his body fitted very closely with Sirius’s. He felt his blood rushing to all sorts of inappropriate places as his mind tried to wrap itself around the concept of Sirius throwing him onto his bed. Before it ever had a chance of explaining this strange phenomenon, a wiry arm wrapped itself around his waist and pulled him closer. Sour breath fanned across his face as Sirius made himself comfortable by sliding up against Remus’s side and settling there. Not quite how he had imagined it.

“Sirius?” He cursed himself for blushing.


“What are you doing?”

“Repaying my debt.” Siri! us squirmed even closer, if that was even physically possible, Remus thought in a haze.


“Oh, we’re all proper today, aren’t we… Pardon, honestly…”

“Sirius –”

“The debt,” a sniffle, “of gratitude. You know, thanks for whatever it is that you did for me, that’s all.”

“I see… So, do you really want to repay for making me hold your head while you retched into the toilet?”


“Then, get a bloody mint and get off me.” Remus’s heart was pounding, despite Sirius’s reeking breath, and he feared that if Sirius got any closer he would discover something wholly unexpected. Well, for Sirius, in any case. He sprang up and accidentally knocked his friend to the floor. “Bloody hell…you all right?”

Sirius blinked up at him from below, blue eyes looking rather hurt.

“Sorry…you reek, that’s all…” Remus shrugged apologetically.

Sirius sniffed himself. Remus really wanted to ask how long it would be until he licked h! imself, as well, but held his tongue. Looking at him, Sirius scrunched up his face in apology.

“I do, don’t I… I need a bath!”

“How insightful. And a mint.”

Sirius smacked his lips together and winced. Remus wondered how far Sirius could go before Remus was repulsed, and was unsettled in realizing that pretty fucking far. The prat of a friend was still as beautiful as ever, even lying in a heap on the floor, tasting his own vomit. Remus sighed and leaned down.

“C’mon, we’ll get you to the bathroom.”

Sirius obeyed wordlessly and allowed himself to be dragged along. Once at their destination, Remus sat him down on the toilet and looked around.

“Well, I imagine you can manage from here. You’re a big boy, even if an imbecile.”

Sirius looked up at him.

“Sirius? You don’t need my help, do you?.. Oh, lord, not the puppy eyes. Believe me, you will hate yourself in the morning,” Remus tried to reassure him. The last thing they both n! eeded was a helpless Sirius and a Remus with a stiffy. He couldn’t hold himself accountable if driven too far. Stripping Sirius down and bathing him certainly classified as such.

“Why would I?”

“Because you’re being pathetic, that’s why. You can bathe yourself.”

“But I want- need you to help me…”

Wait a minute. Remus seemed to have missed a few sentences in between. Surely, Sirius had meant Remus brining him a mint… Or, perhaps, bring him his pyjamas… Surely, he didn’t mean…

“What? You want me to help you bathe –”


“Why?” Remus asked in desperation. If he could, he would have been tearing out his own hair, as well.

“Dunno. You seem to have a way with the helpless. And I’m still a bit wobbly.”

“Sirius, you are one of the most self-sufficient people I know. You are not helpless, just stupid, how many times do I have to tell you?”

“Please, Remus? I promise to make it up to you.”

“I don’t need a bribe, th! anks,” Remus grumbled as he lowered himself to his knees. “But you know what? You really do owe me, Black. I’m missing quite an exciting night of sleep for you, you better be grateful in the morning.”

“Sure thing, Moony!” Sirius grinned. Remus scrunched up his face and opened up a cabinet. “Here, take a mint, I don’t think I can take much more.” He threw a box of Toothflossing Stringmints over to Sirius and the other caught them one-handed. Helpless, my arse, Remus thought with suspicion, as he began sliding Sirus’s t-shirt over his head. He wasn’t sure what Sirius was up to, but he was too tired to try and explain it to himself just then. Maybe later, when he wasn’t stripping the man that he was, in all honesty, in love with, and extremely sleep-deprived, to boot.

He had, of course, seen Sirius almost naked before. Sharing a dorm room for seven years practically guaranteed it, but that didn’t mean that he had ever gotten used to it. Sirius was all lean musc! le and smooth skin. A few dark hairs ran the length of this torso to spread out across the chest. Remus tried not to look down and see the hair thicken below the navel.

Damn, those jeans were low.

Obviously, his attempt at not looking had failed. He threw the t-shirt on the floor, all the while fixated on the hipbone that was just visible above the thick denim. With every movement Sirius made, it shifted and the shadows accentuated its contours. Good God, but the human body was a beautiful sight…

“Moony?” Sirius voice sounded strangely subdued. Remus’ head snapped up and he quickly turned away, racking his brain for an excuse for ogling his drunk friend. Finally, he turned back around and heard his own voice, surprisingly calm and even:

“Sorry, Paddy, I’m just a bit tired. Well, actually, no, not just a bit, I’m completely knackered, but that’s beside the point.” He casually reached out and began undoing the button on Sirius’s trousers. He was amazed to! discover that his hands were pretty steady, and that his heart was rather quiet in its frantic beating. He thought he heard a quiet “oh”, but he couldn’t be sure, because blood was pounding in his ears. At least Sirius couldn’t hear it.

The button was undone. The next step would, unsurprisingly, include an unzipped zipper, but Remus wasn’t sure he could make himself behave.

“Here, you can do that yourself, it’s awkward as arse from my angle.” Right. Best not mention any body parts, Remus noted in his head, as his hard-on rejoiced at the implication. Sirius, oddly obedient, began to slide down the zipper, and Remus took that chance to turn away. “I’ll draw the bath…”

He wasn’t sure why he was outlining all of his actions, but it was a comfort to know that his voice, unlike the rest of his body, hadn’t yet reverted to that cursed age of spontaneous combustion. God, he had hated being fourteen and having to carry his books in front of him just to hide w! hat he then considered to be an impressive hard-on.

As the water poured out into the bath, Remus stood very still over it, under the pretense of watching for overflow. He heard Sirius’ jeans slap the floor and stiffened. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried thinking of things that had absolutely nothing to do with what was undoubtedly standing behind him, namely a very naked and very susceptible Sirius Black. He didn’t think his cock could handle any more pressure.

“Y-you…er…you ready? Get in, then, the water’s fine.” Remus cursed his voice for betraying him so cruelly and cracking so ineloquently. He turned off the faucets and turned away, so he wouldn’t have to see Sirius actually getting in the tub. Once he was inside, it would be much safer, what with the bubbles, and all.

Unfortunately, the late hour seemed to dim Remus’s usually dizzying intellect, as he had turned towards the mirror. The mirror that showed what he was missing in glorious detail, and seem! ed to tease him with it and laugh at him.

He couldn’t help it. He stared.

Beyond his own reflection, which was that of a pale face, the sleepless lines underneath the eyes defined in the harsh light, eyes full of such true suppression that it was actually rather amusing, he saw Sirius moving towards the bath. Greasy black hair – what had Sirius been doing that night? – hung over his face is he began to step into the tub. Mesmerized, Remus watched the shoulder muscles play underneath the slightly tanned skin. Just as he was watching the long neck move, Remus’s eyes were caught in those of Sirius’s reflection. They both stared at each other for what seemed like a very, very long time. Remus saw himself looking at the other man, and for all that he tried, he could not make himself look away. When Sirius finally lowered his gaze and sank all the way into the tub, Remus exhaled sharply and hung his head. He had to get himself under control. He didn’t kno! w why it hurt to look away, or why it hurt to think about looking at Sirius and being forbidden to touch, but he simply had to get himself under control.

Bracing himself, Remus turned around and tried to look his most casual as he pulled up a short stool from the corner and sat down. Sirius’s eyes were closed, and he seemed completely relaxed, his head propped against the tub wall, arms resting on its sides. His fingers were curled into loose fists. Remus picked up the pine-scented soap that Sirius always used and lathered up his hands. He breathed in slowly and exhaled. Now what?

“Sirius, what exactly do you want me to do?” he asked, trying to sound irritated, or perhaps confused, anything but constipated and horny. He failed on all counts.

Sirius opened one eye and regarded him for a moment. Then, he closed it again and made a noise like pleasure. Almost purring. Remus tried groping for balance, but instead found himself unable to move. What the hell! was going on with him?! He’d never had this sort of reaction – to anyone – before. Why was Sirius affecting him this way? And why wasn’t God, or whoever was up there, doing anything about it?

“What was that?” Christ Almighty, his voice had gone husky on him. Not the sex voice, not that, please, anything but –

A slippery hand seized his wrist and pulled him in before he even had a chance to finish berating his vocal cords. Sirius’s eyes were now open, dark pupils almost overpowering the thin ring of pale blue around them. Remus stared and tried to remember what regular breathing felt like.

“Remus, I am naked. In a tub. You are sitting next to me, giving off so many pheromones, I can hardly breathe right. What do you think I want you to do?”

Remus blinked. He had to stop himself from sniffing the air around them for the pheromones that Sirius had mentioned. He knew that that wasn’t the important part of what Sirius had said, but his mind refused to focu! s on the other half. Because it hadn’t actually happened. And Sirius hadn’t made Remus’s desires known to both of them. And what did Sirius mean by not being able to breathe right? Focusing on the one coherent sentence his bleary mind was able to produce, he opened his mouth to speak it:

“Good God, Sirius, what the fuck took you so long?”

That hadn’t been the sentence. However, a second later it didn’t matter – in fact, none of it mattered, because Sirius leaned it quicker than Remus could think, and fastened his mouth on Remus’s. Remus felt his hand spasm and the soap dropped into the water with a quiet plonk. He felt Sirius’s nose brush his as Sirius moved his head in for a better angle, and pressed in even closer. Opening his mouth, Remus slid in his tongue and grabbed hold of Sirius’s hair, his fingers shaking. Something had broken, snapped, and he felt like he couldn’t stop. Sirius was responding to his kiss with equal enthusiasm, and it only made Remus want ! more, more, more. Sirius seemed to be thinking – or perhaps feeling, since thought was something that Remus, at least, was very incapable of producing at the moment – along the same lines, as he made a grab for Remus’s shoulders and leaned back into the tub. Remus followed. His t-shirt waded into the water, sagging down from the moisture. He separated from Sirius, their lips making a soft smack, and while Sirius watched him, breathing in harsh breaths and licking his lips, he quickly divested himself of the nuisance. Sirius’s arms immediately went to his sides and, after a bit of awkward climbing and grunting, Remus was in the tub, sliding over Sirius’s body, clutching his arms and reaching for his mouth once again. He felt shaky hands all over his torso, kneading the muscles on his back, sliding wetly over his skin. He thought his head would explode from all the sensations that were running through him.

He was kissing Sirius. He was kissing Sirius. He wa! s with Sirius.

He moaned as a wayward hand had found his crotch and he pushed against it. He found that it felt rough, as the wet cotton now seemed to be grating against the sensitive skin of his cock.

“Ugh…wait, hold on, I want to…ahhh…get…these off,” he whispered against Sirius’s mouth as their breaths mingled. Sirius’s mouth was hot and sweet, the mint having definitely done its duty. Remus closed his eyes as four hands fought the fabric down and off his legs. Sirius pulled his knees up to allow Remus more room to maneuver, and began running his hands over Remus’s neck, cheeks and hair. Remus looked up when the pyjama bottoms were finally lying on the bottom of the tub, and hitched his breath. The two looked at each other, still and quiet. Remus felt his heart hammer inside his chest and his stomach clenched up. It seemed too much, too good – at last – and quite unbelievable.

Never breaking eye contact, Sirius touched Remus’s cheek with his! palm and brought their faces together. They kissed softly at first, sucking slowly on each other’s lips, licking and stopping every now and then to simply taste. To feel. Sirius’s tongue slid out and licked Remus’s lower lip. Instinctively, Remus opened his mouth and allowed his tongue to meet Sirius’s. They pushed against each other, wrapping around and over. Remus felt his fingers dig into Sirius’s thigh just as the other sucked in his breath.

“Sorry…I –”

“T’s all right, fine,” Sirius didn’t let him finish and pulled him in closer. He rubbed his nose against the side of Remus’s neck, breathed in and out, while goose bumps rose all over Remus’s skin, down to his ankles and wrists. He shivered. “Want you…want you, want you, want you…” Sirius chanted quietly and Remus clutched his body closer. He wanted to scream out “then have me, have me, have me,” but his throat had seized up and he remained quiet as Sirius’s tongue slid out and drew a line from the bottom of h! is neck up. At the end of its destination, he felt a small kiss, just behind his ear. Remus moaned.



“What are we doing?..” Why was he questioning this? Why was he risking what he had wanted for so many years..?

“We’re doing what we should have done bloody ages ago, that’s what,” said Sirius, slowly running his hands up and down Remus’s arms.


“Didn’t you say so yourself? What took me so fucking long?” Sirius leaned back and looked him in the eyes. “You’re not having second thoughts now, are you? Because, damn, Moony, that’d be downright cruel –”

“No, no! It’s just… Well, why now? Why here?” Remus searched Sirius’s face for any sign of regret, and, for some reason, could find none.

“Because I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” Sirius shrugged and Remus stared. “Blimey, Remus, didn’t you ever know?”

“Know what..?”

“Honestly, and we call you sharp. I want you Remus, I have for a very long time. I… I! …” Sirius frowned and looked somewhere beyond Remus’s shoulder. “I’ve been trying to get past it, you know.” He gave a rueful smile. “It didn’t seem right. We were friends, like brothers, and wanting a friend just seemed wrong, like invading…” Remus felt himself nod. “I didn’t want to offend you.” Sirius stopped all movement, his warm hands resting on either side of Remus. Remus waited, trying not to fill in the gaps with his own imaginings of what might come next. At length, Sirius spoke again: “Tonight…I thought that maybe I could give it a go… In the bed, back there,” he gestured towards the bedroom with his thumb, “I was still somewhat pissed. That charm is a time-release one, did you know?” Remus shook his head dumbly. “I knew sort of what was happening, but didn’t really feel any inhibitions. It’s worn off now, don’t worry,” he chuckled nervously. “Anyway, that is my long story of why we’re naked in a tub.”

“I…I see.” Remus knew that he should probably give Sirius! a detailed account of why he didn’t protest as much as would have been expected out of anyone else, but his cock was protesting any further talk, and instead, he chose to find Sirius’s mouth with his once again. In a haze, Remus wondered if it was possible to become addicted to somebody’s mouth.

“D’you want to get out of the tub?” Sirius asked when they pulled away. Through the fog, he realized that Sirius was still in need of the bath – his hair was still rather greasy – but it would have taken too long, and it really didn’t matter. After what they were undoubtedly about to do, they’d both be in need of a bath. Why not take care of it later? Remus nodded and held his hand out. Sirius grinned and took it, as Remus quickly got up and stepped out onto the tile floor. Sirius was close behind, and dripping and stumbling, foregoing any sort of drying, they made their way to the bedroom.

“Which bed shou–”

“Yours, mine is –”

“Dirty, right…down you go, then,” ! and Sirius flopped down onto his bed, bringing Remus with him. “Ooooomph!”

The mattress sagged underneath them and the sheets became damp as they rolled towards the center of the small bed, fumbling. Remus found himself on top of Sirius. He panted and braced his arms on either side of his friend’s body. Sirius brought his hands over to Remus’s arse and pressed down. Remus moaned as sensation ran through his entire body, centering in his crotch. His arms shook as he began rocking against Sirius, trying to arrange their legs into a better position for doing so. Just as the pressure began building up, both of them gasping, Sirius pulled Remus’s head to his and kissed him open-mouthed, kissing so hard, it seemed he was trying to suck his tongue out entirely. Remus’s mind swam and he had to stop moving in order to regain some control of his body. Sirius used the lull to roll them both over, still not breaking the deep kiss, and Remus moaned as Sirius’s weight settled on top! of his, pushing him into the mattress and making him feel oddly secure. He spread his knees and pulled them up to accommodate Sirius’s body and shuddered as Sirius moved his hips and brought their cocks meshing together.


Sirius’s mouth moved away from Remus’s face, and was now kissing a path down his neck, wet noises accompanying his movements. Remus held on to the smooth surface of Sirius’s torso and his arms began extending as the torso in question kept lowering. Remus could hear nothing but the pounding in his ears and Sirius’s murmuring, as the other man continued licking and biting his way down Remus’s chest. When Sirius found a nipple with his teeth, Remus bucked up and hissed, little stars exploding behind his closed eyelids. It grew extremely hot in the room, the water covering their bodies changing gradually to sweat, but the wet sheets underneath them kept some semblance of cool.

Sirius propped himself up above Remus’s hips and looked! down. Remus felt his cheeks flush as such an intimate part of his anatomy was carefully scrutinized. He was achingly hard and if Sirius simply kept watching, as oddly nice as it was, he wasn’t sure what he would do. He clutched the sheets in his fists and looked up at the ceiling, willing his body to calm down. A few very long, and very painful seconds later, he felt Sirius’s tongue lap at his cock and groaned. He looked at Sirius, then, and had to keep himself from getting more excited than he already was, because the sight of Sirius holding Remus’s cock at the base and licking the leaking head with his tongue was definitely one that had been entertained thoroughly in his previous fantasies. Except it had never felt this good in his dreams. It had never felt as hot, as exciting as it did now.

Sirius moaned quietly is he took the head in his mouth and sucked the cock in, inch by inch. Remus could only gasp and make odd noises as Sirius wrenched pleasure out of him, su! cking and releasing, going down to the base, then coming back up, and sucking it in again. Over and over and over. Remus’s heart sped up, the sheets were almost off the bed as he strained not to tear them. He squeezed his eyes shut as the pressure built up and all through him. He was about to tell Sirius to let go, when Sirius massaged his balls lightly and all the sensation centered deep inside and he exploded into Sirius’s excruciatingly hot mouth. He moaned his completion and fell back into the bed, shaking, noticing for the first time that he had lifted off it.

For a few seconds, Remus just lay there, breathing coming in fast, heartbeat doing a strange exotic rhythm. He realized that he’d never really had a more powerful orgasm, and wondered briefly at the fact that men really were better at giving head than women. He simply had never known that Sirius would be such a master at it.

Sirius, meanwhile, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and gave Remus a! grin worthy of Padfoot. He slithered up Remus’s body, and Remus felt little shocks wherever their skin met. Was he really that sensitive? When Sirius was finally level with him, Remus took his face in his hands and kissed him, getting a tongue full of his own essence. It felt oddly exhilarating. He didn’t want to let go, he wanted to keep Sirius in his arms for a very, very long time. Sirius wrapped his own arms around Remus and kissed back. It was electrifying.

“Good lord, Sirius… Shit…” He panted out once they had separated.

“Mmmm…you liked that, did you?” Sirius murmured back, idly kissing the hollow of his throat.

“Nng…yes…” He tried getting his breathing under control, but Sirius was making it difficult.

“Mmm, me too, actually,” Sirius said as he moved to the left, and licked a hot trail around Remus’s neck.

“Y-you did?”

“You taste good.”

“Oh…I see.” Remus felt himself flush with inexplicable pleasure and realized that fitted abov! e his crotch was a very sticky, very hard cock, and that Sirius, patient as he apparently was, had yet to be seen to. “What do you want?” He whispered, kissing Sirius’s earlobe. He heard an intake of breath and waited, all the while caressing Sirius’s smooth, tight arse. It was a pleasant thing to discover, and he had many further plans that would put those buttocks to excellent use. For now, however, more than anything, he wanted to reciprocate, to make Sirius feel at least half as good as he had made him feel. “Mmm? Do you want me, Sirius?” He took hold of Sirius’s face and turned it towards him. “Do you?” Sirius licked his slick lips and closed his eyes for a moment. Remus felt the cock above his jump and his stomach churned.

“Are you sure?” Sirius whispered back, looking at him intently. “It might hurt, you know…the first time, and all…”

“Err, right… Well, the first time did hurt, yes,” Remus turned away and looked out of the window. He had never told any of h! is friends about his short-lived relationship, and this was a very strange way to let it out.

“Oh.” Sirius sounded surprised, as was expected, but there was something else there. Was it disappointment? Hurt? Jealousy? “When was this?”

“Seventh year.” Remus bit his lip. “He was someone I met while on holidays. We…he thought we were in love. I think it was just lust. Anyway,” he finally turned to look at Sirius, attempting to smile. “It was a good experience to have, but it ended very fast. After we had tried all the positions we could think of.” He flushed and kissed Sirius quickly. For a moment, he felt a stab of panic – how did he know that this wasn’t just lust, on Sirius’s part? How did he know that it would last?

Sirius held onto the kiss, slowly, and for one heady moment, Remus felt as if he were being drunk, like nectar. He felt like purring.

When they separated, Sirius kissed him on each cheek, right below the eyes and smiled. “You sure, then?”


“All right. We’ll need something, er, some sort of…”



Damn. Remus hadn’t had the need for any lubricant for quite a while, and wasn’t normally in the habit of shagging his friends on Friday nights. Judging by the expression on Sirius’s face, he was in much the same predicament.

“Damn…is there anything…else?” Sirius asked, looking around. Remus racked his brains. He had gone grocery shopping earlier that week, so maybe he had bought something that could be used as a substitute… “Do we have some sort of…oil, or something?”

“Vegetable oil,” Remus answered immediately.

“No, it’s too thin…won’t work…olive oil?”

“Yes! Yes, I think we still have some.” Remus felt his cock rejoice at the prospect and kissed Sirius. However, this meant that one of them had to get up, which neither one wanted to do. Being entangled together felt too good, too secure, to want to meddle with, and Remus thanked his brain as the n! ext second he felt the table for his wand and exclaimed “Accio Olive Oil!

Sirius grinned at him and the next moment they heard a cupboard door slam open and a whooshing sound come as the glass bottle filled with the yellow liquid made its way over to Remus’s hand. He caught the object and threw it gently onto the bed.

Sirius lifted his torso off Remus and flicked his – still greasy – hair out of his face as he made a grab for the bottle. Giving Remus a very happy grin, he unscrewed the top and poured some of the thick liquid onto his hand. He moved aside while rubbing his palms together, and Remus took the opportunity to arrange himself into a better position. He grabbed the pillows his head was propped up on and stuffed them underneath his bottom, briefly enjoying the fact that they were relatively dry. Sirius stopped and looked at Remus. For a moment, he just watched, then shook his head and murmured:

“Can’t believe it…” He crawled forward.

“Can’t believe what?” Remus queried, mesmerized by the way Sirius moved towards him.

“This…us…you…so gorgeous.” Sirius gently took Remus’s ankles and spread them apart, making room for himself. Remus pulled his knees up and felt his stomach fluttering with anticipation and pleasure that Sirius’s words had caused. He preferred being on top, but he wanted to do this for Sirius. He wanted to feel Sirius. Inside him. “Now, relax… Relax, baby,” Sirius murmured as he pushed one finger inside. Remus exhaled and willed his body to do just that. It definitely had been a while. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on not feeling pain. Sirius pushed hesitantly inside and in a moment was buried to the knuckle. “You all right?” Remus heard his ask, and nodded.

“Give me a minute…still a bit tight,” he whispered back. He felt Sirius wriggle the finger around and – “Ahh!.. Oh…mmmmm.” There. Oh, that felt good… “More,” he whispered, only half aware of wha! t he was saying. He heard Sirius breathing heavily, and a moment later, a second finger entered, stretching him out and strangely relieving any previous discomfort. “Oh, yessss… That feels go-good,” Remus sighed and opened his eyes. Sirius was staring at him, looking unbelievably beautiful. “I’m all right now.”

“Yeah?” His voice was hoarse. Remus’s stomach churned once more as he realized that it was due to him that Sirius was so aroused. He nodded, and Sirius’s fingers slipped out. An empty sort of relief. He took hold of Sirius’s shoulders and guided him forward.

“Come here…there…you all right?” He asked, not sure why he was asking Sirius that. Perhaps it was the slight look of helplessness on Sirius’s face, something almost childlike in its wonder. Sirius settled in and guided himself inside. At some point, he had already slicked his cock with the oil and his entrance was surprisingly smooth. Remus’s breath caught in his throat as he felt himself being stretche! d by Sirius. Sirius gasped. Looking Remus in the eye, he settled himself more comfortably on top of him and thrust once. Remus bucked up against him and threw back his head, moaning. He heard Sirius’s groan and wrapped his legs around the slim hips.

“C’mon…move,” he urged and Sirius began moving slowly, gently. Remus tried to remember how to breathe, but found it impossible. Sirius was inside him. He was around him, over him, everywhere and it was good. It was perfect, though he was still in some pain. It was perfect, though Sirius’s hair was still greasy and reeked of cigarettes. It was perfect though once in a while Sirius would change rhythm and throw Remus slightly off. They were – finally – together. Two. One.

“Oh, God, Remus… Remus, talk to me…say something…ahh!.. Oh…want you, lo- ohh…ahhh!..” Sirius was babbling and Remus babbled back, free to say whatever he wanted or whatever he felt. There was freedom in it, just like there was freedom in ! the way his legs were wrapped around Sirius, or in the way that Sirius’s sweaty torso slid up and down and over Remus’s overheated skin, or the way Sirius’s fist was curled around Remus’s cock. There was freedom in the quick kiss that Sirius gave him as he lowered his head.

Faster, faster now Sirius moved, and Remus moved with him, feeling Sirius’s balls slapping his cheeks and feeling freer still.

“Moon- oh, oh good God… I’m…oh…I…fuck, I’m gonna… Moony, I –” Remus cut Sirius’s flow of words with his tongue and the next moment, Sirius shuddered in his arms, as his cock filled Remus with his seed. Remus came a moment later. Almost perfect.

Sirius whimpered and continued shaking until he was spent, Remus holding his body tightly in his arms, taking care not to pass out from his own orgasm.

They lay like that for a few moments, until it became apparent that either they cleaned themselves up now, or suffered the consequences later. Sirius peeled himself o! ff of Remus and sat back. Remus uncramped his legs, relaxing. He smiled at Sirius and took hold of his hand, kissing the fingertips, one by one. Sirius closed his eyes and smiled back.


When, the next morning, a very rejuvenated-looking James Potter burst into the unlocked flat, he was treated to a sight of his two best friends looking for all the world to see as very shagged out and loving it, as they lay one on top of the other and slept peacefully. The sheets were twisted around them, the pillows were haphazardly lying at the foot of the bed, and everything suggested of a very fun and raucous night, indeed. Much like his flat was looking at the moment.

The only logical thought that could form in his shell-shocked mind was that the news of his engagement would have to wait.

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