Not A Cherry On Top

Huge thanks to Rochefort for taking the time to beta this thing, and laughing exactly where I would have liked her to.

Sirius Black woke up to a nuzzling. The nuzzling, as far as he could make out, was coming from the general vicinity of his... ankle? He opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was the white ceiling. Then, as his gaze lowered, he could make out his dresser, then a bent back, a brown head and his own cock, standing at attention. In other words, it was morning as usual. At least, as it usually had been for the past two weeks.

"Morning, Moony." He yawned and stretched his stiff muscles.

"Morning," and a familiar mouth was instantly at his own, devouring his morning breath like it was chocolate. Sometimes, werewolves were not the most discerning of creatures. At least Remus hadn't been these past two weeks. In fact, the only sort of discerning he did was between Sirius and every other human being on the planet. Sirius thought that, all things considering, they were doing pretty well. However, that was where the discerning stopped.

Was Sirius naked or fully clothed? Were they alone or in company? Were they in their flat or babysitting Harry? To Remus, none of the answers to those questions mattered. As soon as Sirius saw his lover turn and give him "The Look" he knew all bets were off. Clothes started flying, throats began growling, and all appendages able to remain rigid for hours upon hours, did so. All the others wrapped themselves into shapes not previously managed by mankind. The only sort of compromise that Sirius had been able to accomplish was to get the actual shagging to begin in a loo if "The Look" had been given in company.

Not that he was complaining. Sure, his arse hadn't felt this sore since the engorgement charm had gone awry when they were seventeen, he could hardly keep awake on Mondays, and his lips looked like they'd been beaten for week, but it was all for a good cause. Remus had to get over his period of heat with minimal damage to his inner psyche and his cock, which, if left to Remus's own devices, would come clean off his body. Now, nobody wanted that.

And so it was that each morning, each afternoon, and twice at nighttime, Sirius gave himself off to Remus, to be fully and wholeheartedly blown, fucked and rimmed, with not as much as a nod to romantic civility. He thought he rather liked it that way. And Remus - Remus seemed to be on top of the world.

At the moment, he was, in fact, on top of Sirius, sucking on his neck and frantically working his hands all over Sirius's un-showered torso. Sirius cringed to think of what his breath, sour with the night and its earlier whisky, had tasted like, but he allowed himself to be topped nonetheless, already attempting to fumble for the lubricant which should have been by now sitting on the night stand, awaiting its daily aid. However, as far as his hand could grasp, Sirius could not, for the life of him, feel the damn tube.


"Mmmff.. yes?" Remus began sucking on his nipple.

"Where's the lube? Didn't you put it back there this morning?"

"Oh, yes..." Remus extricated his teeth from Sirius's chest and looked up at him through very tousled hair. "I had thought about it, but then I had a different idea." He licked his lips. Sirius swallowed.

"Moony - "Apprehension set in. The way his battered bum was feeling at the moment, it surely would have been inhumane to do it with no preparation, and as far gone as Remus was, Sirius knew that he wouldn't actually wish to hurt him... had Remus been in his right mind.

Sirius closed his eyes and, having covered his entire face with his hands, let his head fall back into the pillow. "All right. Whatever you say, love," he mumbled into his palms.

"Sorry, what was that? Sirius?" Remus pushed himself off of Sirius's body and stretched alongside him, drumming his fingers on Sirius's stomach.

"We'll do it without the lube. Fine. Ok."

"Actually, Padfoot... " The fingers began to trace patterns along Sirius's torso. "I was thinking that I'd provide a different sort of lubrication... "Sirius felt a hot mouth on his ear. He cleared his throat and allowed his arse to relax.


"How does whipped cream sound?.."

Sweet. Fluffy. Frothy.



And before Sirius could even blink, Remus had bounded off the bed and run out of the room, his bare feet padding on the hardwood floors. Sirius shivered when he thought about the cold morning floors and getting out of the warm bed he was currently ensconced in. Truly, a man in need did not heed obstacles.

There was a crash, a curse, a slammed cupboard door, a suspicious frothing noise, and a few minutes later, Remus reemerged in the bedroom, triumphant jar of whipped cream in hand. He was panting and smiling like an idiot. Sirius allowed himself a moment to feel lucky to have such an insane lover, and then proceeded to do his duty. He rolled over on his stomach and pulled his legs up underneath him, presenting his lover with a silhouette of a ready rump underneath the blankets. He heard the satisfying and satisfyingly familiar growl. Yes, he still knew how to work Remus. It didn't even matter that, at the moment, Remus might have growled at Albus Dumbledore's naked arse being pounded by a house-elf, because the particular growl that had ensued from his throat earlier was reserved for Sirius and Sirius only. Sirius knew that as well as he knew the fact that had Remus actually seen Albus Dumbledore being pounded by a house-elf, he would have been scarred for life.

Currently, of course, no house-elves or Hogwarts headmasters were involved. The new addition to their morning shag was being relished by Remus, as he dipped his finger into the white mixture and pulled it out, sucking on it as enthusiastically as he did on a few other things Sirius could recall. Sirius groaned and decided to speed things up by sticking his arse further into the air. It worked. Within a second, the blankets were removed rather roughly, and a sticky finger was pressing against his opening.

"Ohhh... way too sticky, love," Sirius rasped. "Need - need some -"

"Tongue?" The sticky finger was readily removed and replaced by a soft, wet, fluttering...

"Yesssss... Mmm, that's nice..." Sirius lifted his head and tried looking over this shoulder to watch Remus's progress. All he could see was a hand still holding up a jar of whipped cream and a patch of light brown hair, even more tousled than before. "Remus?"


It took Sirius a moment to calm down from the shuddering that Remus's vibrating tongue had caused in his happy place.

"You... you could put that jar down, you know."


Sirius dropped his head and panted. He heard the jar land with a soft thump on the sheet, Remus's tongue still insistently wreaking havoc upon Sirius's opening. His cock, as unattended as it was at the moment, was liable to burst at any moment.

"Ok, stop, stop, stop..." Had he just asked Remus to stop? There was a first time for everything. "I'm... I'm going to come, Moony, wait a mo - "A hand on his cock shut him up and within a single pull, he was coming, wave upon wave of deliriously delicious pleasure washing over him, soft and hot tongue still probing its way into his arse. He moaned and let himself fall completely into the bed. It hadn't worked as well as he would have wished, because his hips were still very much in the air, and Remus's face was still very much imbedded between his cheeks. Sirius waited for a few moments, and then slowly began rolling over.

He tried rolling over, but the hands on his sides stilled him; then Remus's voice did.

"Where are you going?" His voice was husky and laced with sex. "Not done with you yet, Paddy." Sirius could hear the smile on those lips and his cock began stirring, apparently also paying attention. Few parts of Sirius could ignore or resist Remus Lupin's mouth, in whatever form it was beguiling him, at any given moment. Just now, he was imagining that mouth open and screaming as he did all sorts of things to its owner.

"You aren't?" His voice was still raspy. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well..." The pronouncement was followed by a lick. "There's still the question of the cream... I took the time to make it, shouldn't we take the time to use it? Not let it go to waste on guests?"

"That is an excellent point, Moony, and I beg you to proceed." He paused. "Or I will."

Remus did not respond. Instead, he dipped a finger inside Sirius's slick hole; except it wasn't simply a finger. For the next few strangely pleasurable moments, Sirius was adorned with whipped cream, all around and inside, feeling very much like Remus's ice cream scoop, or even two. What followed next could only be described as a special dessert, a delicatessen, really, not often bestowed in the same manner, but always worth the wait.

As Sirius felt Remus coming inside him, he knew his own arse had already begun forming bruises from where Remus's nails had dug in. Their collective panting and gasping filled the otherwise quiet room. Sirius's heartbeat was slowly returning to normal from his 'second coming,' and soon, he could speak without mumbling incoherent expletives.


Remus released his hips slightly. "Yes?" For the first time in the last two weeks, Remus actually sounded completely exhausted.

"All right?"

"Yes... I think so... A bit... tired, actually."

"Really." Sirius attempted it as a question, but it simply refused to be formed as one. "What a shocker." At least there he was sincere. "Can you possibly get off my arse for the moment?"

"Give me a minute." He heard Remus attempting to steady his quickened breath. Finally, the cock slipped out and Sirius was allowed to crash onto the bed. Remus landed next to him. A pair of hazel eyes stared at Sirius through strands of messy, light brown hair. They panted into each other's mouths for a long moment.

"That was good... cream..."

"Yes... excellent."

"May I ask how it tasted?"

"How does my cream normally taste, Paddy?"

Sirius thought for a moment.

"May I have some?"

"Of course. Just give me a minute." Remus closed his eyes and breathed out. Like a good dog, Sirius waited.

A minute later, while his beloved lover was slathering his beloved cock with the much-abused cream, Sirius found himself attempting to explain that he had actually wanted to try the cream for the taste, not on Remus's cock. Soon, however, he gave up and prepared Remus for his second coming.

His lover really was insatiable, Sirius decided. And as long as this heat lasted, Sirius would always be there to accommodate him. After all, Remus had been there for his first motorbike ride. Presenting Remus with rides of his own was the least he could do for the man he loved.

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