Revenge, By Any Other Name...

JKR owns the boys, and Shakespeare sort of owns the title. Or, would if he had written about two hormonal teenagers. Oh, wait...

Dear Remus,

James is writing to Peter, while I have the honor and absolute delight of informing you that we have made plans to meet at Diagon Alley on the 30th at 10 o'clock. We'll do our shopping together, and then I'm hoping that my mum and dad will let me spend the next day at the Leaky Cauldron. James's have already agreed – see if you can't ask yours the same. I can't wait to see you, I miss you (and your gorgeous body) like mad.



Dear Sirius,

I suppose that I could spare a day or two of my precious time for you lot. My mum told me it was all right – in fact, she'll be paying for my room. She said it was a relief to at least see me smiling – apparently, I haven't done enough of it this summer. Have I ever told you how much I love the woman that gave birth to me after twenty hours of painful labor? Thank God I don't have a uterus.

I miss your gorgeous body, as well. Oh, all right – I sort of miss you, too. Jacking off isn't nearly as much as fun as it was pre- shagging. Two months is 61 days too long. I want to fuck you like mad. I want to lick every single inch of your body.



Dear Remus,

You are evil incarnate, and I don't know if I can ever forgive you for giving me a stiffy in front of my parents. The only way to make up for it would be for you to follow up on that little promise. Because I want to shag you like mad, too. I want to take you in my arms and fuck your brains out. I have done some outside reading this summer, and believe me – your cock will be mine forever with all my new knowledge. You'll be begging me for more when I'm done with you..



Dear Sirius,

Revenge is sweet, isn't it? Unfortunately for your nefarious plans, I was alone at the time I read your little love note, and therefore was able to take care of my erection quite soundly. And believe me, I have done some reading this summer, as well – you won't know what hit you until you've come ten times in one night. Be afraid, love. Be very afraid.

I will take you in my arms, and strip you down slowly, while licking the skin that I have exposed, inch by inch. I will start out with your beautiful neck, then move ever so slowly down to your shoulders, then lower, to your chest and those pretty nipples of yours, and then lower, to your brutally sexy stomach. I will lick the gorgeous hair that runs down the middle, then further down still until I can take… Oh, sorry, love, my mum's calling me for lunch.




You were put on this earth just to torture me, weren't you? Fess up, man, or I shall find the truth for myself! You are Evil. Believe me, this will not go unpunished. I shall get my revenge yet. In fact, the last word will be mine, since my mother has informed that if I use Orion one more time today, he will drop of exhaustion. Apparently, he needs all the strength he can get for those howlers that I will undoubtedly get after every detention informing me that if I ever get another detention, I shall be sent to the doghouse. How inappropriate.

When I get you alone, I will strip you down and take you. I have many ideas on how to take you, mind. I remember you quite enjoying me taking you in my mouth – all the heat, the moisture, the fluttering tongue, the suction… You like that, don't you? Oh, yes, you love it when I go down on you. I can also take you on your back – looking you straight in the eye while fucking you. Yes, you enjoy that, as well, I know you do. How about my tongue, Remus, would you like that? Would you like me to get you ready for my cock with my mouth?

Let me know when I see you. I might be able to do something about it.



Dear Sirius,

Very amusing. But you do not get the last word, since I have a brand new owl. She won't exhaust as easily as Orion, therefore I get to put in my two knuts.

I will take you on your hands and knees. That tongue idea I have found quite intriguing myself, and that is how I will prepare you. I will lick my way down your spine and then go down slowly, lightly fluttering my tongue until I have found what I'm looking for. Then I will lick you until you've come and screamed yourself hoarse .

See you in two days, love.



Remus Lupin was fully prepared to meet his lover in a state of agitation and suffer his wrath as he exited The Leaky Cauldron. He was very much looking forward to it. He had missed Sirius to the point of aching this summer, and the fact that he was a seventeen year old boy didn't help matters, either. Hormones were not to be taken lightly.

He was running a bit late. His mother had kissed him until he was ready to jump out of the window instead of into the fireplace. He had promised to be good and not get too lonely, though she imagined that with his group of friends, he ran a very small chance of that happening. Mad, yes, lonely - not likely.

"And Remus, love, if your transformations get to be too much, do owl me, won't you, dearest? You know I'll fly over in a second!"

Remus remembered fondly how his overbearing mum had dabbed a hankie to her eyes while his father had clapped him on the back and sniffed. Remus loved both his parents very much, but did they have to think of him as a five-year old still?

Noises assaulted his ears as he stepped out onto Diagon Alley. His trunk was stored safely behind the counter with Tom, and he had a small bag filled with galleons and knuts, fully prepared to spend an obscene amount of money on chocolate and ice cream. And chocolate ice cream. And maybe those new quills that everyone was talking about, the ones that filled themselves and never ran out. And maybe –

"Oi! Moony!" His thoughts were interrupted by a dishevelled black- haired friend running up to him, glasses askew and wide grin in place. "There you are, we were wondering where you'd got yourself off to!" James slapped his shoulder as Remus smiled back, unable to hide his relief at seeing his friend again. James continued babbling as they pushed their way through the throng of pupils and parents congregated outside the entrances to every shop. "Sirius said that he was going to get revenge on you, but I'm not quite sure what he was talking about. You probably do. He was mumbling something about an idiotic owl who doesn't wait for the receiver to respond, or some similar nonsense. Mean anything to you?"

Remus forced himself not to laugh as he shrugged his shoulders eloquently and continued walking alongside James, mentally applauding his own brilliant touch at telling Hero not to wait for an answer. "You know Sirius, he overreacts to the simplest things. Where is he, anyway?"

"Off with Peter, buying books. Did you see the list they had this year? Are they trying to kill us with work?"

"Well, we've got the N.E.W.T.'s this year, and you know McGonagall won't let any other house beat our scores, so she will most likely beat us into them. I'm prepared for the whip." He stopped, suddenly remembering something. "Speaking of which, where is your girlfriend? And where's that shiny badge we have all heard about so much?"

"Oh..." James stopped as well, shuffling his left foot and coloring. "Umm, Lily's got it - she's, er, having both ours shined and polished, or somesuch... I told her it wasn't necessary, but, well, you know..." He shrugged. Remus grinned:

"Yeah, I know. C'mon, let's find Wormtail and Padfoot."

They made their way through the crowds towards Flourish and Blotts. Remus saw Sirius standing in front of the door, scanning the people who were walking and running all around him. Remus knew that the smile that had found its way onto his face was a very stupid one and he probably looked like a love-struck puppy, but he didn't care. Sirius looked even better than he had remembered. His hair had grown longer and was now pulled back into a ponytail. His skin was visibly darker from the sun and the whites of his eyes and teeth looked even more brilliant as he spotted Remus and James and grinned, revenge seemingly forgotten for the time being.

"Remus!" He ran up to meet them halfway as Peter stood back, smiling and waving. Before Remus could even answer, he was crushed in a fierce hug, all breath – physical and metaphorical – leaving his body in a `whoosh'. "Shit, I've missed you…" Sirius breathed in his ear so only he could hear.

"I've missed you, too, Padfoot..." His hands had finally regained some feeling and he returned the hug, burying his face in his lover's hair and neck. It was new, feeling only skin where hair used to fly all over the place, and it was nice. Sirius' skin smelled of fresh soap and calm fire. Remus idly kissed the neck underneath his lips, reveling in its softness. He felt a tender answer on his ear and smiled.

"Oi, lovebirds, break it up!" James' half-annoyed voice broke the reverie and Remus looked up, feeling Sirius do the same next to him. "We've got shopping to do, remember? This can wait until later." He crossed his arms at his chest, Peter nodding avidly beside him. Remus felt Sirius' hold on him tighten.

"We shall do no such thing, Prongs. You are being a hypocrite and you know it. The only reason I didn't kick your scrawny arse when Lily showed up was that I knew that that would make me a hypocrite. Don't you agree, Wormtail?"

"Well…" Peter shuffled his feet and looked at them with great interest. "James does have a point… And, you know, he hadn't seen her since –"

"You little turncoat, that isn't fair! I haven't seen Remus since then, too!"

"All right, all right, calm down, children, calm down." Remus was enjoying himself, but he didn't want to see the Marauders' reunion get ugly before it had to. (He could feel dungbombs in Sirius' pockets and knew that they were in for a surprise once they got back to the inn. On second thought … Sirius never carried just one dungbomb, he needed extras, in case something … backfired… So what was that in Sirius's… Oh.) "Actually, James, I can see Sirius' point. As a young male, you can understand the purely … er … hormonal reaction at seeing one's object of affection after a … dry spell, so…"

"Oh, fine, carry on…" James' tone was resigned as he turned his back to the couple and waved his hand impatiently. "I'll just … wait for Lily, or something…"

Peter smiled weakly and almost reassuringly at James as Sirius laughed and let go of Remus, catching his hand in his. "Prongs, I promise you – our nightly chats will continue as always, you are still my best mate, just give us half an hour, we'll split up, would you be all right with that? That way, you won't have to be sickened by this horrible display of puppy love, and Pete can have you all to himself." Peter beamed. James' shoulders shook. He sniggered and turned around.

"Padfoot, you are one obvious bastard, you know that? Why didn't you just say, `hey, James, give us a few, we'll shag in a mo, we'll be back in time for supper'?"

"Oh, ha, bloody, ha. And is Miss Evans spending the night at the Leaky Cauldron, as well? Hmmm?"

James' face went bright red and he fumbled with his buttons.

"Thought so. Well, see you blokes. We'll meet you at the Leaky Cauldron … in time for supper." He made as though to leave, but stopped. "Oh, right, just one question – who's taking the floor?" And with a parting grin, Sirius ran off with an amused Remus, hands still clutching. Remus found this to be a development in the right direction, since his body was, by now, very well-trained in reacting to Sirius' insatiable libido. He shifted his hard-on with his free hand.

"What, there's only one room?" he asked a moment later as Sirius' words sunk in.

"Er, yeah, nothing we could do," Sirius answered without turning around, hand still tugging at Remus's. "It's a busy time, you know, what with the Hogwarts shopping and all…"

Remus felt a certain disappointment. He was pretty sure that neither James nor Peter would appreciate their two friends shagging like mad right next to them. He felt as his cock jumped in not-quite- disappointment.

"So, shopping, are we? And what exactly are we shopping for?" Remus asked as Sirius led him through a throng of wizards and witches.

"Shopping..? What do you mean?" Sirius turned to him with a puzzled expression, one that could have fooled even McGonagall. Remus, however, was more accustomed to looking at Sirius' lips than their Transfiguration Professor was, and could, therefore, detect just the slightest of smiles undeniably tugging at the corners. The light blue eyes twinkled.

"Oh, well, I just thought that since, you know, we're in Diagon Alley and in need of academic supplies for our upcoming and final year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizar – mmpph!" Any further thought was cut-off by a kiss that left nothing of this world but little stars exploding behind his eyelids. By God, he had missed that mouth… With that thought, Remus let himself be tugged along blindly through the dissipating crowd and into … an alleyway?

Sirius had, indeed, led them to a small alleyway that effectively cut them off from the crowd and the light of the street. However, all this passed like a light breeze through Remus' mind – yes, they were in an alleyway that had some sort of roof over it, but what did that matter when a soft, wet tongue was sliding along the palate of his own mouth, exploring and making his muscles explode with little earthquakes? Remus's own tongue responded, while his body shuddered with sensation. He slid his hands into the tied hair, loosening the ponytail and pulling Sirius's head closer, impossibly close. Sirius' hands were roaming over his entire body, shivers of anticipation answering the curious fingers. Sirius tasted like heaven … like Sirius.

"What was that you said about tongue..?" Remus mumbled around said muscle.

"Oh, not nearly as much as I should have…" Deft fingers busied themselves with unnecessary fabric. "You're a fiend, Remus Lupin, you know that?"

"Ung … yes … I do, actually… Ohh … yesss…" Sirius had successfully unbuttoned his shirt and was pushing it off Remus's shoulders with one hand while flicking his nipples with the other.

"You deserve to be punished…." Wet mouth trailed along his jaw line and dipped to the neck.

Remus became quite involved himself as he tugged at the hem of Sirius' t-shirt, pulling it up until Sirius raised his arms and then it was off. Somewhere far away a cat meowed indignantly when a piece of fabric fell on its head as it passed by the two humans.

"Good God, Sirius, what did you do this summer, anyway..?" Remus breathed.

"Played Quidditch…"

Mouths met and tongues tangled. Hands found that there was nothing better than the feel of soft skin over hard muscle underneath sensitive fingers. Remus found that he had discovered a drug of choice. No Billywigs needed – he could barely feel his feet touch the ground just from Sirius pinching his nipples and caressing his belly.

"Because you are … ah!.. absolutely gorg-gorgeous…" Perhaps he should just stop talking altogether, Remus decided when a sudden wave of pleasure washed over him once, twice as Sirius moved his hand southward. He felt his cock jump and realized that the trousers were much too tight to stay on for much longer.

There was, of course, a dim thought that was no more than a slight nagging which could easily be ignored. What if someone saw them..? What if someone decided to make the same use of this alleyway..?

What did it matter..?

"And you're … ung … fucking beautiful… Oh, fuck, I can't wait, Moony…" Sirius breathed in his ear even as he licked his earlobe and made Remus's knees turn to goo.

"Neither can I … c'mon…" He found Sirius' trousers' button and made quick work of relieving his lover of the strain the thick fabric had put on his cock. It was just as beautiful as he had remembered and his fingers rejoiced at the reunion with the hot flesh as he curled them around and squeezed. Hard.

"Yeeooow!.. Oh, Jesus, Remus, that … no, don't stop … ahhhh!.." Sirius' eyes fluttered closed and Remus watched his face flush in ecstasy. He might not have seen Sirius' in two months, but he hadn't forgotten. He knew every sensitive spot, every well-received movement. Every sound.

But this wasn't enough, he needed more, he had to touch every part of Sirius that he could. As if reading his mind, Sirius quickly pulled his trousers all the way down until they covered just his ankles and Remus gasped as the familiar yet newly discovered body came into almost full view. He groaned at the sight of the hipbone and the elegantly curved muscle and skin. The lean thighs, strong and sculpted.

"Oh, I've definitely missed this…" he panted as he dropped down to his knees. Holding Sirius' impatiently squirming hips with his hands, he caressed the indentation where leg met hip with his thumbs and lips and tongue. The skin tasted like perfection, salty, slightly musky and yet incredibly fresh. He could never figure out how Sirius always managed to taste like that.

Warm hands settled on his shoulders, massaging lightly.

"Remus … please … whatever you're going to do … just … do –" The broken sentence was cut-off by a gasp as Remus finally took the swelled cock in his mouth.

Oh, God, the taste… The salty musk of Sirius' cock, the smell at the base where the curls were damp with sweat and precum… It was driving him absolutely mad. Frantically, Remus sucked, his tongue licking along the underside, while one hand caressed the fast-tightening balls. He wasn't sure which one of them was going to come first. Sirius was panting and moaning, chanting something that Remus couldn't quite make out. That voice had kept him on the very edge of his sanity as it had whispered shockingly arousing things in his ear the nights that they had spent entangled together before their forced separation. That voice had been his anchor all the times that he was lacking himself as transformation grew nearer. That voice now almost sent him over the edge as it screamed its owner's completion. Remus's name on the flushed lips.

Remus swallowed all that had entered his throat and felt unusually unsated. He wanted more, so much more, this was simply not enough. Not quite sure what he was doing, he quickly fumbled with the fabric still surrounding Sirius's ankles and lifted one sculpted leg up. He felt Sirius' weight shift as his lover wisely leaned against the wall that he was facing with both of his hands.


Remus didn't answer. He freed Sirius' leg and quickly draped it over his shoulder, feeling the comfortable weight and reveling in how solid and warm it was; soft hair tickled his skin. However, he didn't want to revel in it for too long, because that something was waiting, that something that he had yet to discover, and he swiftly pushed up and his tongue found Sirius's balls that began tightening again at his insistent touch. Sirius gasped and leaned heavier against the brick wall. Remus sucked on his balls for a few moments longer, then licked his way forward until his mouth was pressed against Sirius' opening. As he began pushing his way inside, relishing the musky smell of his lover, Sirius was busy tossing back his head and whining, sounding as if anything coherent, speech or thought, was absolutely beyond him. It probably was, thought Remus, who wasn't any better off as he finally found the small gland that he had been looking for and caressed it with his tongue, over and over, until Sirius was screaming again, bucking up against him, around him, tightening and releasing, shaking. After a moment, Remus wasn't sure if he was still in a dingy alleyway at Diagon Alley where anyone and their brother could walk in and intrude, or transported to some place that wasn't quite Heaven because it was too unholy and beautiful to have been that, and definitely not Hell, because it was so much hotter, the devil himself would have burnt to ash.

He had grown impossibly hard, achingly so, and he needed to be inside Sirius more than…well, more than anything. He was beyond nature, beyond the world and definitely beyond waiting for the buttons on his trousers to undo themselves. Holding onto Sirius's thighs, he carefully extracted his tongue from inside the tight heat and heard a loud gasp from above.

"Shhhh, love, relax, hold on, I c-can't … I … ung … thanks…" Sirius was already fumbling with the opening of his trousers for him, pushing them down. His hands helpless by his sides, Remus watched as Sirius' stomach rose and fell with each labored breath and when Remus breathed out he wondered why Sirius breathed in because they were breathing the same breath, weren't they? Thinking the same thought, hearing the same sound. Existing on the same solitary plane.

He was finally free, his cock bobbing up and down as the waist of his pants was pushed off with a snap.

"C'mon, Remus, c'mon… Want you inside me…" Sirius mumbled as Remus finally regained his mind enough to surround Sirius's hips with his arms and lift him up, his hands holding onto the tight smooth arse. Sirius enveloped him with his long legs. When they finally joined in their perfect union, breath suspended at the sheer awe of such pleasure, it was the crying out of an unfamiliar voice that had jolted them back to reality much the same way that Adam and Eve were stricken from Paradise.

"Fuck…" Sirius, still impaled on his lover's painfully throbbing cock, buried his head in the crook of Remus's shoulder and neck. Remus had the presence of mind not to drop his load onto the cold pavement arse-first at his enormous frustration and immediate pleasure. He turned to the source of the exclamation and was faced with a very red-cheeked girl of about their age, clutching her newly- purchased Florish and Blotts goodies to her rapidly heaving chest.

It was only mildly disconcerting that he knew her name and lived only one level above her.

"Umm … Loni… Hello…" His brilliance may have been dulled slightly by the fact that he needed to get off now, and that in order for Loni to survive her unexpected encounter with two poofy Gryffindors, so did Sirius. Very gently, he pulled his lover up and off his disappointed hard-on and only then realized that perhaps this view wasn't much better. He hoped that the pavement would open up now and swallow him whole. He hoped that Sirius would come with him.

"Oh, hello, Loni!" Sirius said, sounding suspiciously cheerful for someone who had just been spotted with a cock up his rear in the depths of a murky alleyway. "How are you? Have you finished all of your shopping, then?" He pointed to her bag with one hand, while the other idly scratched his balls.

Remus changed his mind. Sirius could be swallowed up first.

"Umm… Er … I'm so sorry! I, um, I thought it was a shortcut! Oh, dear…" She was stuttering, which Remus found quite understandable as he stuffed his impressive load back into his constraining pants and trousers, and was looking anywhere but at them. Sirius was still conspicuously underdressed and half-hard.

"Oh, no problem, Loni, can happen to anyone!" he chirped, leaning against the wall, one ankle inside a trouser leg, the other draped stylishly across it. Remus wondered why Loni hadn't yet run away, and decided to attribute it to Sirius' complete lack of shame – it would pique anyone's curiosity.

A silence ensued as Remus finished getting dressed. His erection had finally wilted with a parting bob inside his pants and he decided that whatever embarrassment he might have caused Sirius with his owls was all paid for. Remus was definitely going to hell for this.

Loni stood rooted to one place. She seemed less embarrassed than she was a minute ago, and was looking like she was considering something. While she was busy chewing her lip and completely bewildering Remus with uncharacteristic behavior for someone who had just walked in on two almost-shagging-like-bunnies classmates, Sirius finally began to gather up his clothes. He bent down and picked up his hair-tie that must have fallen off mid-coitus, giving Loni an unobstructed view of his – Remus had to grant him that – perfect arse. Remus thought he heard a muffled gasp. He turned his wary eye to the girl.

"Listen, Loni, we're … well, I'm really sorry about this. We should never have –"

"Oh, Remus, it's all right! Really, I understand – it could happen to anyone, right?" She shrugged. Remus stared. "I'm just … er … well, you see, a few girls and I had a bet going last year on … you know … were you, or weren't you…" She bit her lip again, and blushed. Remus kept on staring. Sirius let out a bark of a laugh next to him. Fully dressed now, he looked almost presentable to the outside world, except for that `I-just-had-an-amazing-orgasm-wanna- hear-about-it?' grin. Remus figured it was well-deserved. He would've been wearing a similar one, but he never quite got there. He decided that since this entire situation was so laughable you could possibly tell it to your grandchildren (although he didn't seem to be headed in that direction with the way things stood with his choice of lovers), he would put on his best `I-just-gave-great- head-and-rim-job-wanna-hear-about-it?" grin and get on with his life.

"So…" Right. Loni was still talking. He made himself concentrate over the sudden giggles that threatened to overwhelm his insides and spill from his lips. "I was wondering … could you two, you know, kiss or something, and … umm … could I … take a picture?"

The giggles died somewhere in the vicinity of his lungs, but perhaps they had just transferred themselves out through his skin straight into Sirius' throat, because that was where they had ended up erupting. Sirius laughed himself hoarse, Loni fumbled for her camera, and before he knew what was happening, Remus was swept up in a kiss. A rather wonderful kiss… Mmmm… Sirius sure knew how to kiss… Remus let the rushing noise in his ears overwhelm him and gave himself off completely. When Sirius let him go, they looked at each other for a long time, simply watching. He wasn't sure what Sirius was searching for in him, but he was looking at the gentle slope of cheek across to the nose. The skin there was smooth and taut. The eye above it was smiling. Sirius caressed his cheek with a gentle thumb.

A sigh sounded to his left. Remus started – somehow, he had forgotten that anyone else was there. Loni had a strangely giddy smile on her face as she thanked them and bid her goodbyes. Remus wondered about her and her friends. They were a strange lot, those were, he decided. Of course, strange was not unwelcome. He was a werewolf, after all. A gay werewolf, in fact. Strange was not a new concept.



"God, I can't believe we don't have a separate room at the inn…"

"Sure we do. I reserved one for us." Sirius shrugged.

"You – what?!"

"I reserved one. I wanted it to be a surprise, you know, for tonight. Why?" He gave Remus his most innocent look.

"I could've gotten off, that's why!" Remus shouted.

"Oh, but it was exciting, wasn't it?" Sirius sidled up to him, wrapping those sinfully beautiful arms around Remus's frame.

"Yes… Yes, it was." The boy had a point. Remus was still rather put-out.

"And brilliant…"

"Yes…" Couldn't argue with that one. Sirius did smell rather nice…

"And as soon as we get to that room – which will be in two and a half minutes, approximately – I will make you come like you've never come before." The last words were whispered in his ear, hot breath washing over his skin. "Do you want my mouth, love?"

"Gods, yes..." He shivered.

"Mmmmm..." Sirius pressed him closer.

A thoughtful pause ensued.



"Why are we still here?"

"Because ... er ... I can't find my shoe."


"Could you help me look, love?"

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