Something Blue

Coda to "Smoke and Ashes". With many thanks to Maya Tawi for, well, firstly, introducing me to the wonderfulness that is this series (READ IT), and also, for looking this over and being all "Yay!" And I'm all, "YAY!", and we're all...dorks.

Warm, soft, warm, soft --

Tony’s arm tingled as his brain slowly kicked in with the consciousness. He opened his eyes, and saw colors. Lee was caressing his arm, the painted blue walls behind him reflecting the morning sun, his green eyes warm, half-lidded, looking satisfied. Tony remembered waking up to the same sensation in his arm, to the same gaze above him. Only a few weeks ago, but it seemed so very, very far away. This time, though, he knew what was what, and who was where, and why it was all happening.

He was in Lee’s bed, Lee was lying on his side, caressing Tony’s bare arm, and it was their Morning After.

“Hey,” Tony said, echoing that first time. He must have screamed himself hoarse last night – his throat ached a bit. It was kind of a relief to feel twinges of pain and know that they weren’t caused by anything demonic or otherwordly – other than, of course, buy-me-a-space-ship-because-that-was-out-of-this-world-amazing sex. He shifted a bit under the covers, and – oh, yeah, that smarted, too. That smarted good.

“Hey, yourself,” Lee answered, the crushed-velvet voice caressing Tony’s skin all over, a counter-point to the smooth fingers still skating up and down his arm.

Another relief – not having to do the whole ‘are we or aren’t we?’ thing they’d had going for all those months. A relief not to have to move away, or pretend to be under the power of some homoerotic demon who toyed with his mind and made him think that gorgeous straight actors wanted his ass, even for five minutes at a time, about once a month or so. They both knew that Lee wanted his ass, and they both remembered him getting it. For way longer than five minutes, and if Tony had anything to say about it, that ‘at a time’ would be a lot more frequent from now on.

Lee lowered his head and soft lips caressed Tony’s for a long moment, breath tingling his skin as they broke apart. “Did you sleep well?” Lee’s expression was relaxed, none of the fake actor smile showing through. Which was a good thing, because Tony had really begun to hate it. No, no one was faking anything now. Even if you’d called in Kevin Groves – but please, let’s not and say we did - he wouldn’t find a single lie around here. Just two guys, sleepily sated after a mind-blowing night of sex.

“One of us needs to stop being such a guy about this.”
“Yeah, except we’re both guys.”
“That’s not a problem for me.”
“Me either.”

“Oh, yeah, I slept great," he grinned, patting the mattress. "This bed beats my foldout by about a thousand miles.” He then decided against making mileage jokes. Besides, it really had been incredibly comfortable to sleep on, and Lee’s body wrapped around his almost didn’t count. Almost. Nearly. Okay, it might have helped a lot.

Lee huffed a laugh, his fingers toying with a sheet. “You sleep on a foldout?”

“Hey, now, mister actor.” Tony faced Lee, propping his head on his hand. “Some of us lowly crew people don’t make as much as you stars do. We have to conserve our money for more important things, like stereo systems, and DVDs, and drive-thrus.”

“Ah, well, my mistake." Lee nudged Tony's wrist with his nose, while Tony sternly told himself to breathe. "Though, you’re not the lowest of the crew anymore, are you? Maybe we should think about investing in a bed for you.”

“We,” huh? Tony thought he could get used to hearing that.

“Well, that depends, I guess.” He tried to shrug non-chalantly. “Would anyone object to the foldout on principle?”

“I don’t know about 'anyone,'" Lee answered, his hand reaching behind Tony and grabbing his left ass cheek, “but I’m used to the star treatment of having an actual mattress to fuck on.”

The yelp that Tony had let out was only partially caused by his ass going half numb in Lee’s grasp, but he didn’t care to look into the other reasons. He attempted to get some of his own back. Gasping, he answered: “I heard you were good with walls, and counters, and --” A slim finger slipped between his cheeks, slowly rubbing. “- and other vertical surfaces.”

For a guy who’d never done the gay thing before, Lee was certainly catching on pretty quick. Maybe the repression thing helped.

“I’m good with anything, as long as --”

What the exception was, Tony never found out, because Lee gave up on talk at about the same time that Tony’s hand found his dick, and then – yeah – there he went, gasping, eyes closing, cheeks reddening.

Tony had been lusting after Lee for quite a while now, but he never imagined, in his wildest fantasies, just how hot Lee would look turned on. And he had seen him turned on – albeit, mostly while controlled by various demonic powers and attempting to seduce the hell out of Tony in order to take over the world … but those were minor details, and anyway, none of them compared to this reality, right in front of his eyes: Lee, transformed, under his, Tony’s, power. And not his wizarding power, either. No, just Tony – wanting Lee, taking Lee, having Lee. He shivered just thinking about it.

His fingers wrapped securely around Lee’s dick, he began pumping, getting the feel of the smooth, hot flesh all over again. The night before had been --

Wild. Completely wild. He gave himself props for actually making Lee stop kissing him long enough for them both to haul ass out of the studio – all to the catcalls of Amy and Zev, who had apparently eavesdropped on their entire conversation – and get to Lee’s place before either one of them was hanging loose in the breeze. Because, satisfying long-held urges or not, he could still remember every shattered bone and aching muscle that he had accumulated over the previous month, and he would have been damned if he’d been forced to have sex with Lee fucking Nicholas in anything other than horizontal and roomy conditions, kiwi-flavored lube – by that point – strictly optional.

And that had required a bed. Which had required Lee’s place. Tony had assumed – and, it turned out, assumed correctly – that Lee’s place would be less of a mess, and anyway, he was way too fucking tired of his beige walls and eggshell furniture. Lee’s walls were blue, and his couches were black, and his bed was king-sized, and Tony found all that out right before they took off, strapped to the six-foot-two body, sitting in the back of Lee’s motorcycle, holding onto his leather jacket. Blue walls, blue balls. A lot of blue in his life. Suddenly, he understood Leah’s thing for periwinkle.

As far as he’d been concerned, the bike was much, much too slow. Even going well over the maximum speed limit, it had taken forever – or maybe that was just because his dick had been rubbing up against Lee’s leather-clad ass, making him break out into sweat every time Lee returned the pressure.

Yeah, ohhhhh yeah.

The drive had been way too fucking long. Where was a speed demon when you needed one?

The horizontal surface thing almost didn’t happen at Lee’s, either, because as soon as they were through the door, Tony was pinned up against the wall and practically smothered in long, hot, sweaty kisses, the kind that made his knees buckle and his dick throb. Luckily for him, Lee could support that kind of weight really fucking well. Up against the wall, then moving through the hallway, shedding clothing as they went: the living room, pit stop at Lee’s bedroom dresser, and then there was the king-sized bed, deep red sheets, deep red duvet, and –

By the time they’d gotten completely naked, Tony had taken charge. Lee was an incredibly sought after, much desired, hot-as-all-existing-hells actor, but Tony had been gay all of his life. And being a hustler for a good healthy amount of time – not to mention Henry Fitzroy’s lover – really gave a guy some ground. And, his stints as the Shadowlord Seducer, and making out during the Night of the Living Dead notwithstanding, this was Lee’s first experience with a guy. As they moved beyond kisses to heavy and lingering caresses, Tony could feel Lee’s growing unease. His movements had become a little awkward, his kisses a little uncertain.

So, without too many words spoken between them, Tony had done what he did best. Yeah, he was a powerful wizard who could send demons back to hell with a few energy sketches, but hey – he’d been having sex a lot longer than he’d been making magic. Different kind of magic. Haha.

But even with all that, it hadn’t taken long. They’d been waiting for enough time, and it had felt so damn good, neither of them lasted long enough to linger and actually feel anything but an overwhelming need to touch, fuck and come. It hadn’t taken a lot to convince Lee that Tony wouldn’t get hurt if he went fast and hard, and once he did go fast and hard, it hadn’t taken a lot for both of them to fall in a tangle of arms and legs and messy sheets. They’d barely taken the time to unstick, tie up the condom, and wipe up the mess, before they were wrapped around each other and out like a pair of lights.

Which brought them back to now, and Lee’s dick in Tony’s hand, and Lee’s breath warming his face as he gasped and, occasionally, let out a soft moan. The moans were killing Tony, going straight to his gut and melting him from the inside out.

All that time they’d wasted being stupid and side-stepping every issue, all that time taken away from them by the Powers That Be Going Bump In the Night, all that time that they could have spent right here, in Lee’s dark red bed, tangled together --

They were making up for it now, though, and Tony leaned closer, closed his mouth over Lee’s throat, kissed him there, then bit lightly, lingered to lick the wound.

Not nearly the kind of wounds he used to get from Henry, but then again, he was no Prince of Darkness/Prince of Man. He’d often wondered, as one might in these situations, if the upped kink factor of having been a vampire’s lover would lower his sensitivity when it came to mere mortals. If, maybe, having known the kind of ecstasy that came with Henry Fitzroy’s mark, every other experience he was to have from then on out would be lessened, somehow. However, if being with Zev showed him that maybe his worries had been based in a load of bullshit, being with Lee, right there, right at that moment, convinced him of it entirely.

He felt himself almost stop breathing as Lee’s gasps got more frantic, and his hands sought Tony out, clutched at him, pulled him closer. Tony found himself murmuring comforting nothings, distilling his words in Lee’s ear, down his neck, licking away any lingering traces of doubt. He pushed Lee down onto his back, released his cock, and kissed him, slowly, on the mouth. Lee’s hands came up to frame his face, thumbs scratching his morning stubble, then sliding into his hair just as his tongue slid inside Tony’s mouth. Soft and wet and smooth, their tongues tangled, parted, touched again. Tony didn’t give a crap about morning breath and neither, it seemed, did Lee. They simply couldn’t stop.

Unlike last night, the two of them felt no hurry now, no panic that something was going to jump out and interrupt them mid-coitus. This morning, they had all the time in the world. Tony could feel this, just like he had felt Lee’s unease the night before, and he settled more comfortably on top of him, parting Lee’s thighs with his leg. That made Lee moan straight into his mouth, and Tony drank it in, inhaled the moan and let it linger in his own throat.

This felt too good. So good, he was almost frightened. Considering the run-around Lee had inadvertently done him, it wasn’t a huge shock, but the doubts still hurt; stung, just a little. He had to force himself to focus on the fact that it was entirely his own twisted mind coming up with the doubts, and nothing that Lee was doing at all suggested that Tony was about to be dumped out on his ass, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

No, in fact, it seemed to be the opposite. Lee was pulling him closer, his hands scorching Tony’s skin everywhere they touched – the small of his back, the curve of his hip, the slide of his neck. Every touch was like a small quake, shaking him, setting off every nerve he had under his skin, and did he always have this many under there, anyway? Had they been hibernating all this time, for twenty four years, only to come out now, to send his body into ecstasy overload, just from a few simple caresses?

Christ, pull it together, Tony, you’re perilously close to turning into a girl. And we’ve already established the fact that Lee really likes dick.

No, he certainly wasn’t about to turn into a girl – and wouldn’t that be just the most ironic twist ever – but Tony felt himself slipping, somehow, getting lost in this one moment. Everything else was taking a back seat – the past few months, wizardry, Zev, hell, even Henry. In fact, Tony was pretty sure that if the Shadowlord, Creighton Caulfield and Arjh Lord themselves were to show up at Lee’s doorstep and demand that Tony give them a bath and sing them lullabies while tucking them into Lee’s bed, his only objection would be that the bed was already occupied and being put to better use.

"Tony --"

Tony moved lower down Lee's body, mapping all the angles and planes with his mouth, finally allowed to take as much as time - and skin - as he wanted.

“Tony --”

Lee’s voice was ragged. It sounded like he was struggling for breath. Tony lifted his mouth off Lee’s collar bone and looked up at his flushed face. “Yeah?”

“I -- nothing…” Lee’s head fell back, and Tony couldn’t help it following the movement of Lee’s neck with his hand, tracing the rise and fall of the Adam’s apple with a fingertip, feeling the dip at the bottom with his thumb.

“What is it?” His voice was no more than a whisper now.

“Nothing, I just --” Lee stopped again, and just as Tony’s head was beginning to crowd with new doubts and questions, Lee reached for his hand, squeezed it, and tunneled his fingers through Tony’s.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

He couldn’t say it, either.

Instead, he squeezed Lee’s hand back and gently released it. There was something he had been dying to do ever since he had seen the silver glint in the dressing room light, and in last night’s rush, he didn’t really get a chance to explore. But now, if Tony wanted to spend long, luxurious minutes mouthing Lee’s nipple ring, well, he could. And so he did.

While Lee gasped wordlessly above him, Tony held onto his ribs and licked all around the ring pierced through Lee’s left nipple. Teased the soft nub with his teeth, sucked the ring into his mouth, tugging on it gently, then released it, licking all around the nipple without touching the metal. Again, and again – he couldn’t make himself stop. Lee was getting frantic. His gasps quickly turning into moans, he clutched at Tony’s head, pawed at his shoulders – his hands didn’t seem to know where to settle. When Tony finally moved lower, leaving only a wet finger to tease the nipple every now and then, Lee released his head and gripped the sheets, instead, and choked off a broken cry.

Tony didn’t linger long at Lee’s cock. A lick, two – okay, three…and a half – and he slid his hands from Lee’s smooth hips down and around his thighs. The soft, dark hairs rasped against his palms. He was suddenly, overwhelmingly glad that the studio had never insisted Lee wax his legs. He massaged the backs of Lee’s thighs as he lowered his head further and, nudging the balls aside, found what he’d been looking for.

The first lick almost undid him. The soft puckered skin, the unmistakable scent, and, most of all, Lee’s shudder against his mouth – yeah, he’d been waiting a good long time for this. Another lick, and Lee’s voice above him:

“Jesus, Tony, what-- are you-- ”

Another lick, and Lee’s words scattered, because yes, Tony was. And he was more than sure. He stayed just where he was, because he couldn’t even fathom stopping – couldn’t have stopped tasting, teasing, licking, not if the fate of the world depended on it. Hot, overwhelmed, gutted to his very core. Above him, Lee’s voice rose in pitch, turned into something close to a whine, a constant vibration of need. Tony fluttered his tongue, smelled himself on Lee, and grew light-headed. Again and again he did this, until he could no longer tell where Lee’s smell ended and his began.

Soon, he felt the thighs under his hands shaking, felt Lee tensing all over. He reached up to grasp Lee’s cock, and slid the tip of his finger inside Lee to replace his tongue. Lee cried out and his hips heaved up off the bed as he came, shuddering – his hips, his legs, everything shook. Tony realized that he was humping the sheets and made a conscious effort to stop. Gulping down steadying breaths, he pumped Lee through his orgasm, then rose on one elbow and looked at what he’d managed to do to the co-star of the most viewed vampire detective show in Canadian syndicated television today.

The view from where he lay was rather spectacular. Red-faced, hands still white-knuckled, clutching the sheets; legs splayed, chest heaving. Lee’s light skin was covered in patches of red and, here and there, light brown – Tony had left hickeys in his wake. Some of them looked paler, like they belonged to last night’s exertions.

Tony heaved himself up and crawled up the bed until he was lying side by side with Lee. His cock was so hard, you could use it as a stand for a camera, and he was torn between watching Lee come down from his high and climbing all the way down his throat. He settled for panting along with him.

“Christ -- Tony --” Lee’s voice was shaky, like he hadn’t quite gotten his breath back. Tony watched as he visibly struggled for more words, looked at the ceiling, and then seemed to give up. He turned to face Tony and grinned. “You-- you’re fucking amazing.”

Tony nearly whimpered as his cock gave a twitch, and ordered his stomach to settle down. Now was not the time for him to get all gooey-melty on himself.

He couldn’t order Lee to do the same thing, though, so Lee just kept on talking, breaking down Tony’s last defenses one by one. “I mean-- Jesus, I shouldn’t have-- I shouldn’t have liked it this much, but fuck-- fucking hell --” Lee stopped and reached out. Tony could see, out of the corner of his eye, Lee’s fingers skimming down the side of his face. His skin tingled. Lee’s expression turned sheepish, but his fingers didn’t stop their movements. “I really want to kiss you right now, but, uh -- ”

That was a fair point, and Tony really wanted to kiss him back. So, he did the smart and sensible thing. (Because he had tried doing the impulsive and in-the-heat-of-the-moment thing on quite a few occasions, and it rarely actually turned out well. He was pretty sure Zev still remembered. He himself would never forget.)

Practically jumping off the bed, he headed in the direction of where he assumed the bathroom would be, with Lee’s chuckle trailing off behind him:

“Second right, there’s a spare toothbrush in the medicine cabinet!”

Perfect. Trying to ignore his raging hard-on as best he could, Tony sped up his movements. Medicine cabinet – open – toothbrush in its package nearly falling into the sink – check – toothpaste – to his right –

He brushed furiously, and over the din of the water as he rinsed, he didn’t hear Lee come up behind him. Almost dropping the toothbrush as a warm hand settled on his ass wasn’t the smoothest move he’d ever made, but hey, he was aching here, and in the grand scheme of things, it was the yelp he had emitted that had him turning red as a tomato.

“Sorry,” Lee chuckled and slid his hand up to caress Tony’s back. “Didn’t mean to startle you, you were just --” Tony watched as Lee leaned in close, met his gaze in the mirror. “-- taking too long.” The last words had been whispered directly into Tony’s ear, and Tony felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

He made himself turn around and try really, really hard to act cool while his dick attempted to drill a hole through Lee’s abs. It was a tough job, but dammit, he had super powers for a reason.

“You’re just impatient,” he managed to choke out as his dick twitched against soft skin. Lee smirked and leaned in. Hypocrisy: 1, Tony: 0.

“I’m not the one who jumped off the bed a minute ago, am I?”

Lee: 201, Tony: still 0.

The odds were not in his favor. But, suddenly, that mattered exactly nothing, when Lee dropped all pretense and caught Tony’s mouth with his own and – Walls and Tony: 3 for 3 – pushed Tony back and held him there while they practically devoured each other. Minty-fresh.

Nowhere near as cool.

Tony clutched at Lee’s back, and valiantly struggled against humping his hips, but he was practically in pain, and he would almost suspect Lee of being a tease if he didn’t know better. Well, okay, so history was against Lee there, but Tony-- Tony knew better.

Caught up in their kiss, he barely registered Lee’s hand traveling down his torso and grabbing his hip. However, when the same hand moved into the middle and skimmed against his cock, the gasp that escaped his throat was louder than the rushing in his ears.

He broke off. “Fuck-- Lee-- ”

“Yeah.” Lee licked his lips, gave Tony this…this look - and then slid down. Tony nearly came right there at the sight. “Yeah, I gotcha.”

Lee grabbed his hips, pulled him forward, and a hot, pretty inexpert but – Jesus! – startlingly enthusiastic mouth closed over the head of his cock. Tony’s hands scrambled for purchase against the wall behind him. The wall didn’t do much good, so he clutched at the sink and Lee’s head, and attempted to lock in his knees, while the rest of him shook.

This was going to be fast. Very, very fast. In fact, it was going to be embarrassing.

Jesus, Lee’s mouth was hot. Hot, wet, and smooth, moving over him in rhythm. Lee didn’t take him in very deep, but his hand took care of the space his mouth couldn’t quite reach yet, and that was enough for Tony. Hell, more than enough-- he was going to come any second.

He shut his eyes, thought of Amy-- thought of Arra-- thought of-- no, actually, Arra did the trick. He thought he had just enough time to warn Lee and have him back off, because while he definitely seemed to be getting into the queer spirit of things, Tony wasn’t sure Lee was prepared to get what was most definitely coming to him at any --

Second --

Lee,” he managed to gasp out, while pawing at Lee’s shoulder, trying to push him away. “I’m gonna- you don’t want --”

Lee moaned, Tony jerked, and then it was too late. He was coming, shuddering against the wall, shooting down Lee’s mouth, and then against Lee’s mouth, and then still coming against Lee’s chest and hip as Lee slid up, still jacking him off with one hand, and kissed him. A kiss which felt more like a tongue-fuck; a messy, sweaty kiss that tasted like the two of them put together, the sharp taste of last night, the dizzy scent of this morning. Tony breathed in and sank deeper into Lee’s mouth. This new scent, their scent – well, he thought he could very much get used to it. And he kind of hoped he never actually would.

Afterwards, as they broke off, they found it convenient to be in the bathroom. So they took a shower, and then they continued taking a shower, because, eventually, a need for a new one arose, and then the water turned cold enough to send them both yelping out of the tub like little girls. Breakfast was had in bed, wrapped in Lee’s (pilfered from various hotel rooms) terry cloth robes. They took another shower after that, just in case they’d missed anything the first time around.

“Oh, wow --”

Lee lay sprawled out naked. Tony lay a little ways away, cooling off on his side of the bed. He couldn’t stop the stupid little smile that kept trying to creep up, so he attempted to hide his entire face from Lee, pillowing his head on his hands. He was much too aware of the fact that everything he ever felt showed plain as day on his face, and he couldn’t stop thinking of it as a liability, somehow. Funny -- for somebody who had survived life on the streets for nearly five years, he sure as hell couldn’t lie for shit when it counted.

Stealing a quick glance in Lee’s direction, Tony paused. Lee was smiling – and not just smiling. He was smiling at Tony. Tony’s stomach lurched as he remembered waking up to the same sort of smile, the open sunny-ness of it. He pretended to scratch his face on his arm, then lifted his gaze towards Lee. He felt his own, answering smile, tugging at his cheeks and, this time, he let it spread into the full grin it had wanted to become from the beginning.

Lee grinned back, and nudged him with his foot. “What do you wanna do now?”

Tony shrugged, not really wanting much else out of life, but then felt a light bulb spark over his head. “We’ve got all day, right?”

Saturday. He had never loved a weekend more than he did at that moment.

“Oh, yeah. And tomorrow, too.” Lee stretched and, somehow, ended up with his whole body lying mere inches from Tony’s. Slick. Tony made a mental note to look into learning that particular magic trick. “Why?”

“Well, since you seem to be sort of-- you know-- into black and white films after all, I thought I’d, uh, educate you more. Show you some real classics.” The words stumbled over themselves on their way out of his mouth, but that was all right. He was used to acting like a dork around Lee. After all the "saving the damsel in distress” stuff he had done lately, this was almost a welcome change. This kind of pressure he could deal with.

Lee pretended to think about it, caught Tony’s hand with his, and tucked it underneath his own belly. Lee’s cropped nails were slightly yellowed from the orange he’d peeled for breakfast. The sheets still smelled of them. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well.” Tony scooted a little closer, and looked very seriously into Lee’s eyes. “You haven’t lived, my friend, until you have seen a Mel Brooks film of fantastic proportions that doesn’t actually feature Mel Brooks anywhere in the cast.”

“Really.” Lee could sound convincingly fascinated when he wanted to. Tony supposed that was why they paid him the big bucks.

“Oh, yes.”

“Well, then.” Lee draped a lean leg over Tony’s, and rolled them over. Tony valiantly stomped down any impulse he had to start writhing on the sheets, singing ‘Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!’ in his best falsetto. “Let’s live a little, then,” Lee suggested.

And so they did.

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