Mint, Part Deux: Beer
Two boys, a joint, some beer, a pool table, and a whole lot of mixed sports metaphors. (Men With Brooms, Cutter/Lennox, NC-17, 25K)

Palm of His Hand
Oliver muses on life, death, theatre and Geoffrey. ("Slings & Arrows", Oliver, PG, 5K)

Shallow Waters
Danny teaches Johnny to live a little. ("My Life as a Dog" + "ReGenesis" crossover, Danny Dexter/Johnny Johannson, NC-17, 24K)

Some Sort of Epiphany
(NEW) "I am not high, Colonel, there is something out there!" ("Stargate: Atlantis", Sheppard/McKay, PG, 13K)

A Slanted Trajectory
It's a Christmas ornament. And you hang it. On your tree. ("Tales of the City", Mouse/Brian, NC-17, 19K)

Something Blue
Coda. (Tanya Huff's "Smoke" series; spoilers for the entire trilogy, NC-17, 28K)

Sun Spots
Joe presented Billy his ring with a grin and a joint. (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, R, 8K)

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