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The Best Defense
Fraser gets ready for a defense. (Drabbles, due South, F/K, PG)

Well, I imagine we can come up with other forms of communication. They may not be as immediate as speech, of course, but it may be helpful to us, as well, in the long run. (due South, F/K, NC-17, 21K)

The New Dance
Ray and Fraser dance once more. (Drabbles, due South, F/K, R)

One the House
Ray is whipped. (Drabbles, due South, F/K, PG)

Red Satin
Lilly explains texture to Veronica. (Drabbles, Veronica Mars, Lilly/Veronica, R)

This Was Fraser
So, here they were – a slightly battered cop, a pissy Canadian girl, and a confused deaf half-wolf. Two beers, some milk, and a donut. (due South, F/K, NC-17, 28K)



Oh, right. Brendan is having sex with a telepath.. ("Thoughtcrimes", Brendan/Freya, NC-17, 4K)

Ray revs it up. (due South, F/K, NC-17, 4K)


Some Sort of Epiphany
"I am not high, Colonel, there is something out there!" ("Stargate: Atlantis", Sheppard/McKay, PG, 13K)


A Funny Thing Happened... (due South)
The Tourist of the Week Program is 12 week program that runs in the summer and is sponsored by local businesses in town, who donate gifts and souvenirs to create a Tourist of the Week gift bag. Each week one lucky tourist is randomly selected somewhere on the streets of Inuvik and is awarded the gift bag. They also receive their photo in the next issue of the local newspaper, The Inuvik Drum. Written for Inuvikdotcom. (F/K, R, 26K)

Five Fights That Ray Kowalski Lost (due South)
A history of failure. (F/K, PG-13, 8K)

The Queer Card (due South)
Nearly six foot tall, thin, leather jacket, tight pants over long, long legs, blond, spiky hair, and damn, hot all around. Johnny’s gaydar sang like a canary. (Other Character, F/K, PG-13, 19K)

The Tale of Output34598, part-Earthling (due South)
Ray shifts realities. But only for a few hours. (F/K, PG, 20K)


(This Must Be) The Place (due South)
Fraser's homecoming. (F/K, NC-17, 28K)

three hundred and twelve (due South)
Ray and Maggie find transient solace. (RayK/Maggie, pre-F/K, NC-17, 9K)

Kinda Gay (due South Drabbles)
Do you know how Ray knew Fraser was gay? (F/K, PG-13, 4K)


Your World, Beginning. (due South)
For Ray, it's the end of the world. (F/K, PG, 15K)


A Little Steve McQueen. (due South)
It's right there, Fraser. (F/K, PG-13, 6K)


In, Drowned Out (due South)
Ray tries to right a misunderstanding. (F/K, PG-13, 9K)

Polished (due South)
(Written for the Stop Drop Porn.) A mountie, a cop and a pair of leather boots. (F/K, NC-17, 15K)

Practical Diplomacy (due South)
(Written for the GetFraserLaid challenge.) Benton Fraser gets a lesson in the ins and outs of graduate school, politics, and desire. (AU, F/K, NC-17, 85K)

Various drabbles. (due South)
Marked NEW.

(8/24/2006) at my sheet... (Harry Potter)
Challenge: New Moon 9 - Remus never knew that Sirius kept a diary. Just what does he find when he stumbles upon it? Set after Sirius is sent to Azkaban. (R/S, R, 26K)

Shallow Waters (Miscellaneous)
Danny teaches Johnny to live a little. ("My Life as a Dog" + "ReGenesis" crossover, Danny Dexter/Johnny Johannson, NC-17, 24K)

Mint, Part Deux: Beer (Miscellaneous)
Two boys, a joint, some beer, a pool table, and a whole lot of mixed sports metaphors. (Men With Brooms, Cutter/Lennox, NC-17, 25K)


Adapting (Drabbles)
Ray and Fraser discuss normality. (due South, F/K, G, 3K)


Awakening (due South)
Fraser is woken up. And then there's tongue. Written for the stop_drop_porn Porn-A-Day challenge. (F/K, NC-17, 12K)

Waiting to Fall (due South)
Ray keeps Fraser on the edge. (F/K, NC-17, 11 K, slight bondage)

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