A Grim Is Born
A Halloween prank. Written for SugarQuill Halloween Challenge. (R/S, G, 15K)

A hesitant new beginning. (R/S, PG-13, 11K)

Breaking The Routine
Sirius's plans are slightly thwarted. (R/S, NC-17, 26K)

Choosing Your Own
The beginning of the Marauders. (Gen, G, 15K)

Go Down Laughing
James reflects on his friendships. Written for the Remus/Sirius Fuh-Q-Fest. (R/S, J/L, PG-13, 23K)

Coming to terms; a trilogy. (R/S, PG-13, 76K)

...how at my sheet...
Challenge: New Moon 9 - Remus never knew that Sirius kept a diary. Just what does he find when he stumbles upon it? Set after Sirius is sent to Azkaban. (R/S, R, 26K)

Life Lesson #38
Yeah. Sirius Black is very taken. (Original Character POV, R/S, PG-13, 30K)

Sirius searches. He almost finds. (R/S, PG-13, 12K)

Sirius comes home drunk. Remus reaps the results. (R/S, NC-17, 67K)

Not A Cherry On Top
A werewolf in heat is a terrible thing to waste. Written for the GloveSmack challenge. (R/S, NC-17, 16K)

A Prayer to Unbelief
In 1981, Remus Lupin looks for answers. (R/S, R/OMC, NC-17, 16K)

A calm summer day is interrupted. (R/S, NC-17, 23K)

Revenge, By Any Other Name...
Remus and Sirius exchange letters, and then...things happen. (R/S, NC-17, 40K)

Companion piece to Mad. What happens to Remus Lupin in the aftermath of Halloween, 1981. (R/S, PG, 13K)

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