due South

Ray and Fraser discuss normality. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 8/7/2006)

The Best Defense
(NEW)Fraser gets ready for a defense. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 1/23/2007)

The Case of the Mysterious Crashing Noise
Renfield hears a suspicious crash. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 5/13/2006)

Fraser is caught staring. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 8/03/2006)

Fit to lick Fraser's boots. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 2/02/2006, mild kink)

Ray's musings during MoTB. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 2/02/2006)

Ray revs it up. (Due South, F/K, NC-17, posted 1/12/2007)

Entirely Unexpected
No hanky-panky in the building goes unnoticed. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 8/31/2006)

First Five Kisses
Pearl_O issued a 'Five Kisses' meme challenge, and people answered the call. (Due South, F/K, NC-17, posted 2/13/2006)

Five Men Who've Wanted Fraser (Each In Their Own Way)
The men in Fraser's life. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 9/11/2006)

Five Places Ray Kowalski Never Put His Cock
The incomplete history of Ray Kowalski's sexuality. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 9/11/2006)

Five Places Fraser Didn't Suck Ray's Cock, But Really Really Wanted To
A history of desire. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 9/11/2006)

Five Things About Ray That Only Fraser Knows About.
Some intimate knowledge. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 9/11/2006)

Five Things In Ray's Apartment That He Told Fraser Stories About (even if they weren't all 100% true)
Ray almost never lies. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 9/11/2006)

Five Things Fraser Wishes Ray Didn't Know About Him
Some more intimate knowledge. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 9/11/2006)

Fraser and Ray Discover Bengay
When the need takes hold of you. (Due South, F/K, NC-17, posted 2/02/2006)

Gardino comes into his own. (Due South, PG-13, vague hints of G/K, posted 5/13/2006)

Human Interest
Fraser convinces Ray to pose. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 2/16/2006)

Kinda Gay
Do you know how Ray knew Fraser was gay? (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 10/10/2006)

Fraser placates Ray. (Due South, vague F/K, PG, posted 8/03/2006)

Look of Sex
Yeah, Ray's a goner. (Due South, F/K, PG-13, posted 2/16/2006)

Look, Ray! Turtles!
Ray gets a new best friend. (Due South, Gen, PG, posted 5/13/2006)

The New Dance
(NEW) Ray and Fraser dance once more. (Due South, F/K, R, posted 1/23/2007)

One the House
(NEW)Ray is totally whipped. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 1/23/2007)

Who's pissy? (Due South, gen, PG, posted 2/16/2006)

Round the Pond
Ice rinks, skates, Ray and life. (Due South, F/K, G, posted 5/13/2006)

Science Fiction
Welsh and Frannie have a heart-to-heart. (Due South, Frannie, Welsh, G, posted 8/31/2006)

Web, Coda.
(NEW) Ray leaves his classics behind. (Due South, F/K, PG, posted 2/24/2007)

Harry Potter

Remus, Sirius, and a bed. (Harry Potter, NC-17, R/S, posted 5/25/2004)

When life forces you to move on. (Harry Potter, R/S, PG-13, posted 3/18/2004)

Why Not?
Remus knows it isn't a good idea. Sirius isn't so sure. (Harry Potter, NC-17, R/S, posted 5/25/2004)

Hard Core Logo

Five Things Joe Wanted To Do To Billy but Knew He Shouldn't So Almost Didn't But Then Fucking Did Them Anyway
Joe fucks up his life. (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, R, posted 2/23/2006)

Five Things Billy Does to Joe That's Buddies and One That's Not
Billy fucks up his life. (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, R, posted 2/23/2006)

Under the Skin
Billy tries not to scratch the itch. (Hard Core Logo, R, Joe/Billy, posted 2/16/2006)


Oh, right. Brendan is having sex with a telepath. ("Thoughtcrimes", Brendan/Freya, NC-17, posted 1/11/2007)

Hippocratic Oath
House is not looking forward to his new subordinates. (House, PG-13, posted 2/16/2004)

(Writing this almost felt like sacrilege.) MacMurrough returns to Ireland. (At Swim, Two Boys, posted 3/18/2004.)

Christy's all tied up. ("Paris, Or Somewhere", Christy/Gwen, PG-13, posted 2/02/2006)

Red Satin
(NEW) Lilly explains texture to Veronica. (Veronica Mars, Lilly/Veronica, R, posted 2/22/2007)

Sans Pants
Murphy's retelling of his bad day. ("Boondock Saints", Murphy/Connor, R, posted 5/25/2004)

Why Newbie only lets Squirtis Give Head with the TV off
Dangerous habits. (Twitch City, R, Newbie/Curtis, posted 2/23/2006)

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